Khajuraho. 22 Temple of Love Ancient India

India. Exotic, mysterious and magnificent. The history of architecture, culture and religion thousands of years. It is here that built the temples, the existence of which in our days would be quite impossible in other countries. This is a series of temples Khajuraho, located in the state of Madhya Pradesh, and they sing the sinful fleshly desires of the person.

Attention. Material for people over 18 years!

This complex was created by the ruler of the Chandela dynasty in the years 950-1050. In those days, there were 85 buildings, but have survived only 22.

For many years, until the temples were abandoned in the jungle, destructible rain, wind and wild animals are considerably lost its grandeur and splendor, but for more than 50 years of restoration work is underway.

The legend of their creation has it that this architectural ensemble created for the redemption of sin that God created the moon and the earth woman. From this forbidden communication and the first born of the Chandela dynasty. It is also believed that the rulers of this ancient family were followers of the Tantric religion, in which it is considered that the satisfaction of carnal desires is one of the steps to enlightenment.

The walls of the buildings are covered with a myriad of incredible relief, and decorating the ceiling bears the additional emotional burden. All images are transmitted stories long book on the art of sex called Kama Sutra. It is because of such subjects worldwide referred to as "The Temple of Love. " But despite their popularity primarily because of the erotic sculptures, they are considered one of the most valuable monuments of cultural heritage of India

The bas-reliefs tell of the many historical facts of ancient India. Many of them are completely innocent. The protagonist is a woman all the scenes in simple situations. The other theme of sculptures commands carnal love scenes dogmas which goes to the roots of Hinduism. It is in the physical proximity of the religion is considered as a form of transfer of clean energy between people.


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