Kiev subway will get the money for the repair pathways


Yesterday, the director of the utility (KP) "Kiev underground" Vladimir Fedorenko said that after the adoption of the capital budget for 2013 KP failed to agree on the allocation of Rs 15 million for the replacement of rails in the subway tunnels. Recall last week's press service issues statement on the possible change of the schedule of trains due to deterioration of 8.5 km of rails, wooden sleepers 3500 and nearly 400 translations and bridge beams. According to Mr. Fedorenko, these problem areas are on all three branches of the Kiev Metro: "They can get to drive, but not more than a few months."
Pending the receipt of funds for the repair of Kyiv Underground decided to change the speed of trains depending on the status of a site. "Our trains can reach a maximum speed of 80 km / h. But now we are practicing the speed limit on the problem areas, and the use of other reserves of speed and normal areas" — said Vladimir Fedorenko, stressing that it will not affect the train schedule . Director KP also said that this year in the capital will be 50 new cars produced in Russia, and the first batch will be delivered already in the I quarter.

Deputy Head of Kyiv City State Administration Anatoliy Holubchenko told to amend the program of socio-economic development of the capital in 2013 regarding repair of rails, sleepers and rails, as well as some of the escalator: "Immediately after the adoption of the capital budget, these funds will be immediately directed to the implementation of the necessary measures, that will ensure the smooth operation of the underground and the safety of its passengers. " With officials of the Kyiv City State Administration assured the journalists that raise the fares on the subway metropolitan authority is not going to. Irina Lopatin

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