Kireevskaya parquet factory expands production

Leaders Kireevskaya parquet factory announces plans to expand production and market launch of a new line of products.
Kireevskaya parquet factory was founded in Kireevsk (Tula region) and currently is one of the brightest representatives of the construction market in Russia, engaged in the manufacture and sale of various design flooring (solid, single and artistic), solid wood and many other wood products.
Kireevskaya parquet factory today — is a large-scale production, equipped with the most modern and advanced equipment. Process chain in the factory to perfection, which allows the highest quality products. For the installation, commissioning and monitoring equipment on the parquet factory invited leading experts from various countries, including Italy and Germany.
In 2013, the company intends to continue the conquest of the Russian construction market and expand production. In addition, this work will be presented in the sale of new model line inexpensive and quality products.
"In this 2013 all our customers some surprises — for the moment, is preparing to launch new products and the expansion of production will be the key to the fact that our company will be able to cope with the growing demand for goods," — says Natalya Dozen, Assistant .
In the catalog Kireevskaya parquet factory offers a wide range of products: art parquet (sockets, artistic compositions and elements, modules and borders), baseboards, Solid solid wood block parquet and the price of which will please any client.
Among the main advantages of the enterprise is worth noting a wide range of products, guarantee the highest level of service, competitive prices and individual approach to each client and more.

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