Commercial and business center "Kitezh"

best building in Moscow in 2008. The project has generated an active discussion in the pages of architectural magazines, and this is not surprising. Among the nominees "Kitezh" is probably the most daring building. Although the comments of site visitors Awards were quite different, all the same, is to recognize that the results of the popular vote prize went to a decent home. Home of world-class architecture. Address: Kiev street., Ow. 3 — 7, 17 Project organization: SUE "Mosproekt 4?, Workshop number 6

"From the beginning I thought that this building will receive the most votes — says Eric Markarova, director of the award" Building of the Year ", probably because of its unusual shape …".
The form is really unusual, especially because the upside. Below is smaller at the top anymore. With the butt of the station building looks like … well, on the nail, or the button is not stuck in the ground to the end. Although poizyaschnee will compare with the ship — however, among the buildings of XX century, around a third (if not more) asking for similarity to the liner. Here it is, in any case, not literal. Dirty and dreary station square it certainly embellished, of
train — it looks great, everything is smooth and the glass.

The projected volume of trade and business center "Kitezh" is located on the long section along the streets of Kiev with the placement of the volume over the roadway. Land area — 1.3 hectares. Almost the entire territory of the plot length of 330 meters is reserved for granted. It is located eleven-multifunctional housing with adjacent nine-open parking lot, located along the streets of Kiev

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