Klaskouski: Minsk suggests the West negotiating political prisoners

Father political prisoner political scientist Alexander Klaskouski called liberation Anatoly Lebedko on bail the next government gesture to the West.

"This proposal of political bargaining, put it bluntly. Naturally, to some extent, this is for the domestic electorate, too little to reduce stress, bring down a wave of public outrage, show that is supposedly sorted out, make some sort of differentiation. It's all happening in the mainstream trend of the authorities to alleviate the situation and in the international and at the domestic level, it is aggravated by a wave of repression, brutal suppression of protests and trials exhibition space. "

When asked to spread it on mitigation and other political prisoners, Mr. Klaskouski said,

"I think that power do not hurry. Her tactics such what you need designate some gestures, make the minimum concessions, but immediately go to the demands of the West and the release of all political prisoners — is to understand the Belarusian authorities would be a loss of face. Therefore, there will be a sticky trade. "

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