Klimenko opens new sports complex where the train is going to Stud

The building of Kharkiv Law Academy. Yaroslav the Wise opened training complex "Lawyer."

Reconstruction of the sports complex began in 2012. During this time the old rooms have been renovated and built new ones. As a result of floor space increased by 2.5 times and now is 2900 square meters. All of the cost to the university of 20 million hryvnia, said Vice President for Research Yuri Barabash.

Now the complex includes nine rooms, including improving gymnastics hall for students with disabilities. The hall can hold boxing competition not only regional, but also the all-Ukrainian level. Placed beside table tennis room. There is also a hall for volleyball, wrestling, weightlifting and fitness. Rest rooms, changing rooms, toilets and showers are equipped with modern facilities. Evaluate the features and benefits of the updated sports complex will primarily students of Academy of Law, as well as talented athletes from other higher education institutions and students.



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