Klintsovsky truck crane plant introduced new to the 40-ton crane KS-65719-5 K-2 for the needs of Russian Railways

Klintsovsky truck crane plant (Bryansk region) never ceases to amaze all new products of modern technology. Already the 6th novelty this year is a 40-ton crane KS-65719-5 K-2 on KAMAZ-65222, developed by skilled craftsmen Klintsovskaya specifically for the needs of JSC "Russian Railways". This crane is designed to perform emergency recovery work in emergency situations and natural disasters.

  • KS-65719-5 K-2 on KAMAZ-65222
  • KS-65719-5 K-2 on KAMAZ-65222

The main advantages of the model CS-65719-5 K-2 — compactness, portability, throughput and functionality. Another important factor is the fact that such a crane transports the curb on himself the full range of necessary additional equipment (additional counter, additional hook suspension) for complex material handling and assembly work, including construction.


The transport size in length does not exceed the allowed 12.0 m, and therefore, a mobile crane does not fall under the category of large vehicles. It is easy to operate in confined areas and has a high cross in remote, inaccessible areas, providing operational supply valve to the gathering place of rolling stock before the arrival of the train rehabilitation. Load capacity of 40 tons is effective at lifting the rolling stock and setting it on a railway track without removing the contact network.

Due to the fact that the crane is mounted on a cross-country (four wheel), KAMAZ-65222 (6×6), the issue of mobility on remote, inaccessible areas is solved by itself.

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