KMPO beginning to make their own plasma spraying


In February 2011, for the first time of "KMPO" performed plasma spraying thermal barrier coating package of blades I stage turbine engine NK-38ST. Prior to that, these operations were carried out at the Samara "engine builders" and FSUE MMPP "Salut".
With a view to the development of plasma spraying operations in 2010 was purchased by KMPO modern robotic hardware solution with an automated process control system. The complex is equipped with a large power supply and the plasma torch, ensuring full penetration of ceramic powder, high-precision powder dispensers, gas flow regulators and has a reproducibility of the process, which allows to repeat the set parameters on every detail. In the same year began the process of its development, and in February 2011 the first set of blades was applied thermal barrier coating conforming to the requirements specification.

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