Kolchugtsvetmet mastered the production of copper trapezoidal profiles

 Photo source:zio.ru

November 29. The enterprise UMMC "Kolchugtsvetmet" mastered the manufacturing of another product — blank plate collectors for electric cars.

In the market of non-ferrous rolled there is a steady demand for trapezoidal profiles of copper alloys, which are used to make plates collectors of electrical machines. In the development of these new products have actively participated factory engineers, designers and shop fitters consumer goods and mechanical repair shop. In the short time the drawings have been developed for cutting dies and made himself a stamp. Thanks to the efforts of engineers and factory workers expanded assortment of products, which increases the competitiveness of JSC "Kolchugtsvetmet" in the market of color products.

Consumer (OOO "Profix") appreciated the high quality pieces of collector plates, the timing of their production and placed a new order for these products, the amount of which exceeds the original in a few dozen times. A CEO of this company SV Sorokin sent to the director of "Kolchugtsvetmet" NS Zheleznikova letter expresses gratitude to the leadership and KOLCHUGINO experts for operational development, the successful development and production of high-quality pieces of collector plates at their request.

We also offer other consumers collector profiles of electric cars go on consumption blanks collector plates, which has obvious economic benefits.

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