Kolesnychenko presented a book about the OUN-UPA

In Simferopol, the presentation of a collection of documents "Ukrainian nationalist organizations during the Second World War. 1939-1945" in 2-volumes. The presentation was attended by MP, Co-Chair of the International Anti-Fascist Front Vadym Kolesnichenko and chairman of the Standing Committee of the Supreme Council of Crimea on the standard-setting, organization of BP and Public Relations Konstantin Baharev. This was reported in the press service of PR. The collection is a unique scientific publication, which presents archival documents on cooperation Ukrainian nationalist organizations with the Nazis, involving nationalists in armed groups and armed struggle against the Red Army, on their efforts to find new foreign partners among Western countries after the defeat of Nazi Germany, the passage of nationalist military training in the Nazi camps, and numerous letters of thanks to Hitler, directed by nationalist organizations.

In total, the collection includes more than 500 documents from 15 archives of the Russian Federation, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, and Poland. Most of them published for the first time, including newly declassified documents from the archive of the President of the Russian Federation, the archive of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia, the Central Archives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Chronologically edition covers the period of the Second World War from September 1939 to May 1945 and fully exposes the actions of Ukrainian nationalists.


The event can also be obtained free of charge previous editions of the International Anti-Fascist Front: "The bitter truth. Crime OUN-UPA" Viktor Polishchuk and "OUN-UPA: study on the establishment of historical" myths "of the international group of authors Per Anders Rudlinga, Timothy Schneider, Grzegorz Rossolinski- Liebe. Also see the catalog of the documentary photo exhibition "Volyn Massacre: Polish and Jewish victims of the OUN-UPA", held in 2010-2011 in 18 cities of Ukraine, which was attended by more than 150 thousand Ukrainians.

Books transferred to the reading rooms of libraries Simferopol

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