Kolomna plant delivered to the customer two hundredth locomotive model EP2K

Kolomna Works (KS, is a member of ZAO "Transmashholding") has transferred to the depot Barabinsk West-Siberian Railway mainline passenger electric DC EP2K number 200.

The railways of the Czechoslovak EP2K replace electric locomotive CS2, in comparison with which have a number of important technical advantages in engine power and traction characteristics — capacity increased by 14%, the thrust by 20%. The new locomotive is designed for driving a passenger train in climatic areas with outdoor temperature from minus 50 to plus 40 degrees. 

Barabinsk Depot was the main base of the Russian Railways to develop the operation and maintenance of electric passenger DC EP2K. With the anniversary EP2K locomotive fleet of 180 locomotives Barabinsk EP2K. In addition to the West-Siberian railway locomotives EP2K Kolomna factory production work on the October Railway (home depot "St. Petersburg"). Only in the northern capital has 21 locomotive EP2K. As part of the program of modernization and upgrade locomotives Russia JSC "Russian Railways" expressed its intention to purchase up to 2015 514 passenger locomotives EP2K.

The first prototype of the domestic passenger electric DC EP2K was made Kolomna Plant in late 2005. In 2008, the company started to produce the initial batch is new for Russia locomotive. In December 2010, the locomotive EP2K been certified for serial production.

In 2013, Kolomna factory plans to produce 50 electric locomotives EP2K.

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