Kolomna plant sent to the shipyard diesel diesel engine for corvette Perfect

Kolomna plant sent to the Amur Shipyard (Komsomolsk-on-Amur), the first diesel-diesel unit DDA12000 for the main power plant multipurpose frigate sea area in the 20380 class "corvette", "Perfect."

Soon, the shipyard will be sent to DDA and the second (power plant each corvette consists of two units).

DDA12000 was created by experts commissioned by the Kolomna Plant FSUE "Central Marine Design Bureau" Almaz "for the Navy Russia. "Perfect" is the fifth ship of the series Project 20380 corvettes. The first two ships of the "Guarding" (given the Russian Navy in 2008) and "savvy" (given the Russian Navy in 2011) are already in service of the Russian Navy. In addition, currently Shipyard "Severnaya Verf" (St. Petersburg) is building two modernized Project 20381 corvettes — "Courageous" and "resistant".

Corvette 20380 — one of the few modern ships of the Russian Navy, which are mass-produced. In 2011, for making this project a group of developers and builders awarded the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology. Among the recipients — the chief designer of the Machinery of "Kolomna factory", candidate of technical sciences, professor Valery Ryzhov.

Diesel diesel units operate on the ship function of the main power plant. Each DDA consists of two diesel engines 16D49 and reverse gear unit. Feature of the DDA is to provide for bi-directional high capacity at a low cost of fuel and oil. It is equipped with advanced microprocessor control system and control of key parameters work.

Ships 20380 designed to patrol coastal waters, escort and anti-submarine operations, as they are created widely used technologies that provide low visibility to radar.

Currently Kolomna factory involved in several projects for the construction of the Russian Navy surface ships and submarines. Particular attention is paid to equipping new diesel automatic control systems, which are created using modern components with the latest software.

In parallel with the improvement of mass-produced engines, the Kolomna factory team is working on a new standard series of wide application D500 diesel engines in the power range from 4 MW to 7 MW. The design of the new diesel engine takes into account the requirements of prospective customers. The project is carried out within the framework of the federal target program "National Technological Base" sub-program "Creation and organization of production in the Russian Federation in 2011-2015 diesel engines and components of a new generation."



Automated diesel DDA12000 diesel unit is designed to operate on fixed-pitch propeller. DDA12000 equipped with two modern diesels 16D49 capacity of 6000 liters. s. Each has a two-speed reduction gear, which provides joint and separate work diesels with sound-insulating composite clutch, the local system management, protection and control, built on a microprocessor. The microprocessor control enables balancing the load on the diesel engines, to carry out the reverse mode on and off, if necessary, one of the diesels. Each of the diesel engine is equipped with a new original register turbocharging, providing increased power for maneuvering modes.

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