Krasnoyarsk will now be able to take the cats rent

Krasnoyarsk activist charity protection of homeless animals, "tails" Alain Temerova organized in a unique service — hire cats, relevant ads she posted on the websites of several local animal lovers.

According to the price list, the cost of hiring one cat is about 300 rubles for two hours, instead of the client is guaranteed to relieve stress and positive emotions.

"Even the doctors will not argue that a person who is stroking a cat, the pressure quickly to normal, a state of peace of mind. These animals a powerful positive energy, they relieve stress one of its purr" — explains the basic concept Temerova their business project.

While the services of willing activist ready to give only two of their cats with nicknames and Masha Klepa, the other six cats living in the flat at Temerova, in her opinion, the least prone to talking to strangers.

The idea originated with the organization rolled Krasnoyarka after it began to address common friends, who for various reasons can not afford to have pets, but sometimes would like to spend time with them. Before giving the first announcement of its services, the owner of two rolling cat was convinced that none of them is a carrier-threatening human diseases.

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