Kremlin warns of credit may not be

Restrictions on Russian journalists in Belarus adversely affect the allocation of credit Minsk, said a source in the Kremlin.

"In Belarus made regular restrictive measures against the Russian media … The decision of the Belarusian authorities, of course, as previously warned, complicate lending Belarus from Russia," — said the source of Interfax.

Earlier President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said the possibility of ending work in Belarus, a number of foreign media, including Russian. Lukashenko accused journalists of stirring up the situation on the currency and consumer markets, "Most of hysteria in the Russian media., And I watched for" our "foreign media who are here, thanks Administration of the President, began to dominate, and for other countries. I will not name them, not to create them score. But do your best to make more of these media were not present on our territory. "

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