Kyivenergo started construction of the substation Moscow


PJSC "KYIVENERGO" started construction of a new 110/10 kV "Moscow" with a line of 110 kV.

Construction of new power company provides the capital in preparation for the finals of the European Football Championship in 2012. In 2011 the construction of a substation in the investment program envisaged KYIVENERGO 192.5 mln.

"Entering the new substation, on the one hand, increase the reliability of the power supply system of the capital during Euro-2012. On the other hand — will provide an opportunity to connect new customers in Holosiyivo and parts of Pechersk district, which is especially relevant today in the face of strong construction, which is being held here today ", — the technical director of PJSC" KYIVENERGO "Alexander Zaitsev.

All work on the construction of the substation "Moscow" KYIVENERGO carried out according to schedule. Completion of construction of the substation and its commissioning is scheduled for the first quarter of 2012. In general, in preparation for the Euro 2012 the Company identified priority measures worth 794 million USD.

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