KZTS: the modernization of the enterprise is in full swing!

The flagship of heavy machine tools and a pioneer of wind energy finishes work on development of a 100-meter tower for a wind power plant

The search for alternative sources of energy is currently one of the major problems of our country. In Ukraine, there is a special program for the development of wind energy. Significant contribution to the development of alternative energy production makes KZTS.


On how to develop the manufacture of Kramatorsk wind generator installations, as well as other areas of the plant said the director of PJSC "KZTS" Nikolai Razzhivin.

Ukraine under much power!

Office is the first and only enterprise in Ukraine that produces wind turbines multi-megawatt class, LLC "Furlender Vindtehnolodzhi" is located in the territory of Kramatorsk plant of heavy machine tools.

In September, "Furlender Vindtehnolodzhi" plans to build the first two turbines wind turbines (wind turbines) with a capacity of 2.5 MW. Until the end of the year there will be 7 more turbines.

Towers for wind turbines produce these KZTS. The weight of each body — more than 280 tons, and height — 100 meters!

According to Nikolai Razzhivin, rolled steel thickness required for the production of wind turbine towers are now being imported from Romania. Ukraine has not made such a car, but to adjust its production to our businesses, particularly in Mariupol, quite a force. This could give Ukraine a new impetus to the production of new jobs and additional income businesses.

It is still the main components for the assembly of wind turbines delivered from abroad. However, step-by-step production of their master and Ukrainian enterprises.

For example, KZTS develops machining of turbine blades for power, cast themselves turbine plan to "EMSS".

"Wind power — very important but not the only area of our work — the director Nicholas KZTS Razzhivin. — Basically the same for us was and still is the machine tool industry. "

The company produces a major upgrade of production that could significantly reduce the complexity and significantly reduce the cost of production costs. The results of the modernization will increase production capacity by about a quarter.

How is going to wind turbine tower

On how the sheet of stainless steel body is born a wind power plant, "Kramatorskaya truth," said the deputy director of the assembly and welding production of PJSC "KZTS" Sergei champions for "Flat steel is placed with a vacuum beam at a booth dedicated to stripping the bevel. After his four-high rolling bending machine made shell conical or cylindrical in shape and alignment. Further stand for welding the longitudinal seam comprising welding crane of rotators and roller "ESAB" welding is performed automatically. The assembly of the flange and the shell to make the booth, equipped with a hydraulic tilting device carrying capacity of 10 tons.

Prepared shell transferred to the assembly stand «PEMA», consisting of two manipulators and welding of crane «ESAB». On the stand is centering shells, assembly and welding sections of the annular outer seam. Internal circular seam welding is carried out by means of welding tractor company «ESAB». All welds are 100% strength ultrasonic testing according to the most stringent European standards.

Before you leave the shop section, it is cleaned in the blast chamber split steel shot. Painting done in a spray booth with special technology in 3 layers of materials «Hempell», guarantee for painting — 15 years. "

On the machine-tool company has already collected two towers. In the near future components will go to them, and "Furlender Vindtehnolodzhi" will build a wind power plant.

New Machines KZTS — full internationalism!

Assistant Director of Human Resources and General Affairs Victor Kuzmichenko gave a tour of the workshops and introduced our readers with new equipment of the plant.

Reach new heights of production will help the company portal milling center Tos Kurim, lathe Titan, horizontal boring machine with CNC Pama Speedram 200 milling machine Waldrich Siegen PF-H-125-150 universal grinding machine Gioria.

By the way, in the shops today, there is complete KZTS internationalism. The machine Waldrich Siegen mounts team from Poland and Gioria — workers from Italy.

The young Italian worker agrees to be photographed for the "Kramatorskaya truth." To the question, what is your name, the Italian shows gestures that did not understand what was going on. Journalists save the school of English. After the words «What's your name?» He says with a smile: "Luka".

And the leadership and the rank and file workers KZTS sure that the plant is rightfully holds the title of leader of heavy machine tools. The company's products today demand not only in Ukraine but also in Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan.

Expected visit of Prime Minister of Ukraine Azarov

Now the plant is preparing for the visit of Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov. It is planned that in August and September, the head of the Ukrainian government to visit Kramatorsky Heavy Machine Tool Plant to familiarize yourself with his work and, in particular, with the production of wind turbines.

The plant needs skilled personnel

According to the head of the personnel department of PJSC "KZTS" Victor Kuzmichenko, for the development of new equipment Kramatorsk Heavy Machine today requires skilled personnel. First of all, it's working, welders 5-6 digits for automatic and semi-automatic welding. The level of wages — to 6 th.

Operators CNC 5-6 discharge to work on milling machines «Waldrich Siegen», which will be performed unique operations milling of curved surfaces. The level of wages — up to 12 thousand UAH.

To work on horizontal boring machining center, CNC «PAMA» c two-table load capacity of 25 tons and 50 and the angle of inclination of 30 degrees. The machine will be high-precision machining front and rear pasterns for machine tools, and machining of the nacelle frame for wind power plants. The level of wages — up to 12 thousand UAH.

Also, specialists are needed to work on high-precision universal grinding machine «Gioria» tolerances on the machining of parts up to 3 microns. The level of wages — to 8 th.

Professionals take on a tender basis in the personnel department of PJSC "KZTS."

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