Lad, Lada, Sweetness

Lad, Lada, Sweetness, Rook, Fount, Treasure, Warehouse, get along, Palm, Salary, pancakes, well, stroking, cold, young, Marmalade, Chocolate, Pallas, Hellas, Discord, messy, luggage, etc.? Many in the language of words with the root of "LA" ("LAD-"). First try at least approximate the value of sounds that make up the root, based on data fusion of various linguistic studies of language.

These data suggest that the modern letter "L" includes several options for the original sound "L" — from hard to soft (in between there is a semi-soft and semi-hard versions of sound). Besides these options sound of old each had its own special character (symbol, a sign) with a special mark. Just in corruption and reform language all poutratili and forgotten. Each carried a sound option makes sense, depending on the sound environment in which it is manifested in a particular case. It could be a sense of "stolpnosti, supportive, safe," or the meaning of "beginning, origin, energy saturation" or "creation, climbing movement," or "reflection mapping ryadopolozhennosti, neighborhood, junctions and accessories?" All these meanings of the sound "L" revealed comparative analysis of the semantic environment "L" in combination with other sounds of speech by comparing the set of words containing the letter and the sound "L". Be detected as the "crossroads" of different sound combinations of words.

I must say that the letter "A" is as interesting as the letter "L". First, even in the modern Russian language we observe four different sound with "A" (see a pronunciation, the correct pronunciation of the transcription of speech sounds) percussive sound (under stress), unstressed, predudarny etc. All of these sounds in the original language had their letters and words are different (voice system was the other). But we will not go into here yet intricate hypothetical survey. It will be easier to focus on modern orthoepic norm (transcription). Because of the loss of options and letters "a" sound for us is not obvious and the differences in the meanings of these sounds. Perhaps in the future we will be able to clarify and to breed, and while we only point out the general meaning of "A". This — "the spread around the neighborhood, the wave variance in all directions from a single center," "the beginning, the source, the source is", or "from the beginning", etc. To represent this, in practice, tell a long and loud "A-ah-ah" and listen to what is happening. For comparison can try the sound of "O", as, in contrast to the "A", directed, as it were, in a certain pipe.

Now let's see what we've got: "LA." I must say that for many of us as the sound combination (root or syllable) "LA" and "LA" ("L'A") in childhood and throughout life is one of the emotions and feelings of pleasant sounds. Even the songs, when we do not know the words, we often followed by the name of this first suitable, near and dear sound: "la-la-la-da and la-la-la-a." Fill gaps not as the horrible sounds and sound combinations meaningful and important "LA." Why is that?

Read again those meanings that we have formulated for individual sounds and sound combinations "LA." Is not it true, it appears that those meanings are justified, which are attributed to this root (although we certainly do not claim that this is exactly how it was in pervoyazyke people). Here they are, these meanings in this sense: "The inclusion in a close relationship, affiliation," "support, abutting the surface", "catch-space", "environment, the landscape," "passage, a corridor."

This descriptive need to make sense to us, modern people, because our perception is damaged, raised on simplifications: 1) plane logic values (two-dimensional), and 2) simple meaningless elements (people who allegedly assigned specific values). Therefore, it is difficult to hold the attention of the meaning of the sound when its pronunciation.

Initially, the sounds were created with meaning, and therefore did not need translation: LANGUAGE WAS ONE. And if we keep in mind that the sound carried the charge of its living, the unique energy and mental content, we can not imagine why in the original times are not the only people to exchange information with each other. Such an exchange took place between man and animals, birds, insects and plants, stars and the universe entire etc. Now the memory of it remained only in fairy tales. Although some understanding of this exchange has survived to this day (mental signaling, intuition, etc.).

We are often asked about fantasizing about the difference between fantasy and real intuitive knowledge. So, here is a fantasy filled appeared in the degradation and loss of knowledge gaps. Over time you will learn to distinguish fantasy from simple real feeling. They are as different as the real and fake fruit. Can distinguish only one who ate real fruit. Draw conclusions themselves. Once that true, the question of imagination immediately removed. If there's a question ("what is fantasy?"), Then so far you have only a fantasy, or basically fantasy. In the language and understanding of its meaning is very well trained its sensitivity to the present, the living.

Well, look now, for example, in modern words: earth, planet, landscapes, Laz, camps, paw, palms, moisture, tents, etc. Do they include a named point? In our view, include. But to these specific words we probably return. In the meantime, we must deal with the next letter — "D".
Again, according to data from a variety of sources we find that the letter "D" and thus the sound of "D" (also have options: for example, hard-soft) mean "movement, change," ie, there is a sense, "directed change, meaningful movement, doing something." Notice of old, and to this day (according to the hundreds of different sources) in this sign is symbolized by a kind of "sincerity, spirituality, fiery, reasonableness" of the movement. Perhaps there were reasons for this, which we in the following, when used with other words, try to find another.

Well, here we are, and came at last to a holistic root "Lad" or "LADA" (a pair of male and female). Many words originally and went in pairs. Do not you think, based on the already stated above, that the word is actually originally talking with its meaning, and not with some dictionary definitions and interpretations? Can I now wonder that lad — (Compare Harmony) is one of the central concepts in the ancient system of meanings and is derived from the ancient "LA + R (A)" in the sense of "the equipped the world." See how it is at different levels: there is something higher, "Heaven", a reasonable sense of "harmony." He gradually descending to the ground, forming the average, "treasure" (to + style), as something designed, installed. And then, on the lower level, the establishment realized among people in society, as a certain "way" (from + to + style).

LAD has many meanings, including: 1) harmony, proportion (LADnost, coordinated, collapsible), and 2) the procedure, the establishment and maintenance of a certain order or manner of life zhiznebytiya (lifestyle, ownership, possession, power). Hence the derived words: get along, sweet, sweetness, pleasure, etc.

Had our ancient ancestors to this interpretation right or not? To apply these sounds and sound combinations, we ourselves can even work out and transfer to the modern order of these old words. For us, in this case the "LAD" can have different meanings: 1) the source of the initial motion, 2) distribution of the source of spirituality, 3) the beginning intelligent design, etc.

But above all, there arises LAD how initially define space caused by the order of hierarchy, alignment, you can not mix and mix up (clearly, this is the same strict tightness, operation, such as the frets on the guitar soundboard). This "proportionality components." And a number of meaningful values can paint. In this case, "Lada", of course, can be 1) of spirituality, 2) the production of the wisdom, and 3) a repository of the soul, etc. Many values for the creation of words and language in specific settings.

Do I need to say that, historically, LADA — (vost.slavyanskoe) is the "Goddess of Love"? Similarly, the way — "God is love." Indeed, even earlier, in the ancient world, the deity is understood as the highest level of skill, but not in the modern religious significance. And the "gods" were then something like this "social group, class, caste" and designated "Initiation into knowledge" high. Of the same words are found, and in some older sources of value, such as "patch" — "beautiful celestial woman" (not hence comes the name «latina», «Latvia", "Latvian" and even protective clothing "armor", hence continue to "patch", etc.). Or the word "harmony" — "want to play" or "palm" (dr.slavyanskoe) "Dragon," the keeper of Erie (paradise) garden. But all this is a later interpretation (Aryan, Slavic, Latin, Greek, etc.), but not the first. On the first sense we today can only guess and try to reconstruct.

And now, perhaps implicitly understood that the original meaning of the word "sweetness" has no relation to the modern sense of the taste of sugar. Rather, it will be (see what we wrote above) about a "state or stay in some kind of full, harmonious state" ("sweet", "with fashion +", "+ with ladost", "get on with +"). Synonyms can be more "coherence", "ladnost" in one of the values. You can still create the same intimate language. No coincidence that we sometimes joke, saying that "chocolate — a biochemical surrogate of happiness." Something like a drug for the taste buds. Instead of true sweetness of life in the original sense. And it is also easier as a result of modern consciousness and way of life. When memories of the old harmony of the high life were only in a pleasant taste and primitive saliva.

This does not mean that the life of the ancient "sweet" in the modern sense he has never been. Was, it was a lot, and it was much more and better than they are now, but, for example, the "honeymoon" taste of honey called, not sweet. So it is worth considering how and why such deformities TRANSFERS living structure of the language of values and meanings. But these transfers are most confusing is in the dictionary.

By the way, we all rejoice dictionaries and talking about their usefulness, but almost do not think about why they were created, and dictionaries. How not to think about it and many of the compilers of dictionaries. Reading "objectively" created to spread the "simplicity" of speech, to consolidate and standardize "progress" in the speech of the "errors" in order to continue to destroy the language on to the next dictionary. We understand that a useful feature for people trying to see the whole language level, the dictionary is. Especially when that miserable language literacy, which we have most of the specialists with higher education, not to mention the rest of the populace. However, the harm from them — even in today — more than good. To see this steady simplification, it suffices to compare several generations of dictionaries, such as the dictionary Dahl to the last of a glossary of the day. But in fact, there has been no need for a dictionary, if the language corresponds to understand the nature and the people are "educated" to the language together, in person, step by step, for the dedication of a dedication to the natural knowledge of nature and the universe.

But back to the dictionary Dahl. "IZLAZHIVATSYA,? Successfully terminated. The cart goes wrong, it izlazhivayut. Thing goes wrong, goes wrong, is going well or badly. Good for anything goes wrong, goes. Ladilsya buy a cow and bought a calf. Vlazhivat sleeve. Must vyladit boat. Get on the harrow. Zaladilas own! Izlad trap. Izladilsya gun, took aim. Established business. Get along with a neighbor? Under it not podladishsya. Wrong, Peralada. Adjusted the shelf. Proladil all day. Mill went wrong. He's not sweet. Settled hut uhitil. " To do according to Lad means, and tune and match and match, and assist in unison, and do well, etc. Such a variety of values in many areas zhiznebytiya said that it was only okay life, life, organized by Lada!

Another turn values, "Well, is mutual. live together, according to peacefully and lovingly. " Comprehensive Ladnost life of modern people who are accustomed to the inconsistencies and conflicts in all perceived as fiction. With a grain of salt. Because they were born and brought up in unhealthy social environment and a just do not know they are all my being rooted to the negative environment, both the birth mother and as for the country. And oddly enough, but the LAD, as something natural is good, alien to them. For most modern people, even a good idea of the all too often are frankly unhealthy nature. In the ancient world, when the whole life lined up according to Ladu, a person could only okay, okay. Otherwise they could not be. Their interaction with each other and the cosmos is many orders it harder and more harmonious than that of modern humans.

And here is another meaning: "debugging, patch (of getting along, cook?), Clay pan, saucer, fry fry on a patch, flower pots put on the patch, the streets light patches, flat dish." "Got on the Vologda. scraper for finishing blocks. " This suggests that the LAD extended to much in life.

"Debugging pl. SOUTH. pancakes. " With Lad connected and food, although the fact that eating and eating in the last century, it is difficult to compare with how ancient man ate that interact directly with nature and the cosmos. In this case the "pancake" may correlate with both Lad, and with his hands. After pancakes, we also get along.

Simple "okay" gives us a wide variety of "Tambov. Frets or consent. Okay, valid, worthwhile, good, gozhy. He's a guy right. Laden if you want this knife? Kaftan not Laden, just right. Okay, so there will be? They live ladnohonko. Violin's not right, not in one order. The case is okay. Come back tomorrow! Answer: Okay, well, I agree. Wait a minute, okay? warning. ?. dialect. ladnushko solid. expressing the consent of her on that. Whether you're not Laden! Bran. ? Thing has tripped ladnenko, ladnovato, fairly, decently. ". Okay — so, in accordance with the Lad! And that, according to Lad, how sweet!

But such education is clearly of later origin, when it began to lose the essence of the concepts, such as "awkward, oh well. Though it is not good, it is fine (unseemly). And not in the way, oh well. Do not hide Okay, so tightly sewn. And the right to live, and life is wrong. Say that okay, yes Fall Run: Where kill, bury. That okay, it's okay, but that is fine, it is denser (more profitable). Okay, if you know how it all himself: wrong, if you do it all himself. Do not be a warehouse, but whether Laden. Okay sat down, so sit. Okay, godmother, if only the truth was! It's not that good, what is good and what is right. That awkward that sewn (which tailored) wrong. Okay, godmother, godfather to what has come to visit. Come live, and live wrong, good, if not better. "Because in this example, talking ceased to understand that it can not be both" awkward "and" right "that can not be all right," bad ", etc. When you start more and more to feel the living structure of the language, then it becomes clear, where there are, primordial, and where spoiled, modern. And today so far nothing to show in word creation. One loss, and there is no "development" of the language, as they try to assert various "Progressors."

In light of the native language of the living system, we naturally perceive a person living on the Lada. Hence the concept of "LAZHY people Novgorod. clever, clever, lively. " "LADLIVY man CPM. solid. gentle, peaceful, harmonious, livable. " We are conscious only talking about the word "harmony" and not talk about other words, as "meekness, peace, harmony," etc. Talk about them at the time or separately.

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The same, ie of harmony according to Lada and Lada, is true of quality crafted instruments: "Ladisten ax nimble sruchny. '. Or different mechanisms, such as: "Well LADUSHA. of Vologda. Vlad. three longitudinal bar Myalitsa, of which the average is between the side, in the creamery camp: bars, between which is placed a bag of seed to spin. "

And just as natural to call this word whatever oral or written agreement, if it is made according to the Lada, "Well LADA. Tambov. agreement, the condition number, a mutual agreement. " "Bargaining agreement for sale and purchase. With harmony, they put solid. CPM. struck a bargain. " "Frets Kaluzhsko. thief. engagement, the first announcement and blessing the bride's parents of the young. Where the world is so way out there, and God's grace. Who peace be harmony, so that I and my brother. In a way yes measure?. An old song in a new way. Had gone smoothly, and he was not very happy. No makeup, no harmony, no frets, no rumors. Thing went smoothly, as if one holds, the other will not let me. No frets him not. And stupid rumor foreign word in fashion. Every one master in his own way. And hath need not hoard, if the family way. " Hence also the values: "Well Ladin. pl. chickens. agreement on a dowry, and sometimes frets Engagement "and" m-Rapporteurs chitsa g. to get along. svodchik, friend to the world, for the purchase and sale, mediator, to settle transactions "

And here it is, the most desirable in our everyday life. And he also called the same word. As stated in the dictionary Dahl: "LAD m peace, harmony, love, friendship, no enmity, order. Peace be harmony, Peace and roofs, in the family. Frets dearest. Thing went smoothly, going right, settle, dispute. " Not by chance in Antiquities Lad understood as "hosted the world". And this harmony was as natural as the sun's light, like the murmur of a brook, like birds, like the ability to see and feel what is happening around. Everyone tried to fit into the LAD, to give light and sound in unison, to know correctly. And in countless variety of nature was not the end, and knowledge. According to Lada's relations between close and distant relatives in the family. And keeping order Ladny order of life, no one accepted way of life distracts personal life and personal creativity. (In modern ethnographic surveys, compiled from observations of savage tribes of modern remnants of previous civilizations, the researchers deliberately or ignorantly misleading relative primitiveness of life in the ancient world, giving modern savagery of primitive, primeval MODEL LADA).

And that's not all. Life of ancient man of understanding has cosmic scale. For example, they love being before birth know who will come through them to the world. And even after the birth of communication between the "adult" Masters and the child, who came into this world was not built the way it is currently represented by modern wild civilized relations in ordinary families. Civilization dictates the subordination and obedience of children to adults, and adults shall require "educate" children in accordance with the requirements of "society", whatever that society may be. Interaction before being built according to Lad, with the cosmic level (status) of the newborn.

In fact, it has always been and so it is still all the souls in this world have their own space in accordance with the status of each of them reached the level of wisdom, independent of social games in the society. And for violating Lada (even unknowingly) people pay specifically every time and ever since. From the fact that people in the social world decide to play for another, cosmic laws Lada and each of our lives do not change the scale of the universe, nor the scale of the individual. As they say, ignorance of the law does not exempt from falling under their influence. People living not Lada, ie living wrong, like a blind man walking on the wild bush: you never know what place naporeshsya about another knot and make yourself sick. Living was wrong, of course, can not consciously aware way. Only in the depths of the unconscious lies past experience, but it still needs to get there?

Very concrete image Lada we got from the ancient world in the form of sound: LAD — "Harmony, mutual harmony of musical sounds. Violin out of tune, though each in a set way. Do not play in tune, sing, hatred. " From this we understand that the PAP has some initial structuring harmonious — and deeper, as layered, and wide as the variety of social relations — in which nothing can be arbitrarily rearranging or broken. Fret not be broken. Disturbed is not a way. Impaired is simply disorder. So far, every one of us knows that a well-tuned instrument in the hands of the Master creates amazing music. A poorly tuned, but in the hands of clumsy — just cacophony. But also a good tool in the hands of ignorant nothing pleasant promises. And today, people often have only upset tool (your body and mind), and the inability to customize the tool and extract beautiful sounds (intellectual weakness and isolation from the universe of databases — because of the corruption of the tool). And yet, after a long search found a more or less harmonious chord, they often imagine that they already have all the Lad. Trying to teach all of the chord. And do not even suspect that it found the chord is a step forward, only to find one. And others — everyone — its all right steps, its okay finds. And to comfort someone else finds that each risk will never find their harmonious way. Because the time is coming. We should not forget that each one of us in this world are just ourselves.

The same basic visibility Lada life we have when we look at musical instruments, the ability to produce sounds okay. For example: Lada — "cross sills on the neck of a balalaika, pandora, guitar, to trap fingers bone on fortepianah." Any clear that these sills are not arbitrary, but in a strictly streamlined manner. Similarly, life is not built according to Lada arbitrarily as we would like ignorance, and in accordance with the knowledge of the law Lada. Again, I repeat, it is not enforced, as ignorant understand and easy: just convenient and easy to walk right by a good track. Go and rejoice. It is good when you live right, and your way of life Laden, because it is constructed according to the Lada, as you know it, build the knowledge Ladnosti.

But look, what else in the home can be LAD: it's "coopers plaque, klopka. Barrel flowed frets, studs, gaps between the frets, chime, a gap which cuts into the bottom ", it's" The Most slot groove, Fugue, for uniting the two boards ", it's" Lad lyagavoy dog hunting stock or article. " It's amazing how many things must be in harmony with the people, but in fact is at war.

But then it would be necessary to clarify the following. This variety of values of a word does not come from the fact that people have a poor vocabulary (although in the last century, this factor is the case). The reason for the variety of meaning is "compensatory" material world people. We have already had occasion to explain how, as the loss of their own abilities, people compensate for a mechanical device, technical prostheses that actually "facilitate" the life of people like dentures — the disabled, that is, partly offset the lost capacity and opportunities, but could not replace them (even completely computerized "smart" prostheses can not replace live healthy leg). Instead of a meaningful life and creative activities under the Lada, as the loss of the ability to organize all right life, more and more appear in the home, as it were "almost live", as if suspended, "Okay" of things. And so much like to see these things the old, lively and natural Lad that quality Lada assigned objective world — that one thing, then another. That's why so many people have become "okay" words, that is, word meaning or sound combinations "lad". This is not a sign of higher own Lada, and the secondary properties of the "collapsible" world, expressed in a particular "way of" life, the gradual "social" decline Lada (LAD — GOLD — Warehouse — The way).

Same language so multiple words (polysemy) must be understood not as a "language development", as they try to apply today, but first, as a result of destruction of language (variation of the words and their meanings in discourse), and secondly, as a result of changes structure of everyday life (instead of the nature of people, more and more around the artificial material world, where many things are called — for some obscure associations — the same words and their variations), and third, as a consequence of simplifying the mind and intellectual abilities (multi-dimensional perception is replaced by simple logical interpretation of the bars around the world and descriptive language). Of course, all these aspects of the process of destruction of language related. But one thing is certain. Multiple words in the language is in fact one of the most obvious signs of degradation of people and modern civilization.

What we still resemble text dictionary Dahl? "Lad, order, really, the way separately. Lad would have to teach him to not duril! We sit side by side, so pobaem debugging! | Lad, solid. general consensus forces the world. " Could there be a more natural and common? Almost all people because until now realize that we have to live, "fret" and "OK." The problem is that is forgotten, like this — "fret" and "right"? And remember — the intellectual (or life) of the force is lacking. Because this power is consumed for thousands of little things civilized without any benefit for himself, but for the most necessary — foolishly — nothing remains. Correctly, that "it is necessary to teach fret, not to duril", but the system of upbringing and education now teaches anything, just not the most important — Lada. So most people do not know how to do anything else but to "fool." This teaches them the modern civilization. And this is not a figure of speech, not an exaggeration, but a statement of fact. Just when people are "fooled" easier to implement "smart" machines — instead of smart people. People themselves will agree to this. Because they all want their lives were held a "clever." Once your mind is missing, will help "smart" machines. It's simple. What else you need to state the obvious to see the degradation of the people? And obviously the idolatry of technology?

And before that, on the contrary, there was such an "educational environment" (Space Rod or Space of Love), in which all adults are welcome wizard helped small person adapt to terrestrial conditions and the social order of their innate abilities and brilliant individual tasks of life. Now from this there were only naive games with the kids, no sensible understanding of why this is being done and being done with the mind. As is written in the dictionary Dahl: "Okay, Okay, sentenced babies, teaching them to beat their hands." Why beat your hands, what's the point? Not described. And ordinary people think — "that was fun to pobaldet"! It was in the XIX century, and now is even worse.

And it is in accordance with the ancient custom was that described in the Dictionary of Dahl in the following meaning: "Lado m fret about. husband, spouse, one of the four, my dear, my dear, in the marital Val. ball. Shelf. in the songs. If I had known that there is a nice Lada sleep song. Okay we go out, the young (see also hand). I myself go, Mila find harmony, song. Goy hast thou, my dear Ladushka! Kirsch. Already us their lovely fashion or thought smysliti! their husbands, Lay. " Name so dear, or chosen — it's like that deify him. But this status is to be understood not as modern religious prejudice, and it is in accordance with the realities of the ancient world. To do this, we must remember that the ancient "gods" were, in modern terms, as if social stratum (or caste) "on." And the "deification" is meant primarily as a "dedication" to the high rank (the remnants of this way of life can be seen in ancient forms brahmanstva where "Brahmins" and unlike some consistent "gods" of Antiquity, just the "gods" of ancient times were, of course, many times more powerful than later "Brahmin").

Just need to know that "man" can skip to the ground with the full knowledge and comprehension of the process only the initiated and the procedure in this case from beginning to end was a dedication. Hence also a holy and reverent attitude in Antiquity to the newborn (almost deification). And "normal" was then tenderly sublime relationship to each other as a god. And the communion of man was like communion of the gods! Well, you can compare what level was "giving birth" if and to what level it dropped today (see our article in the book «XXI century and the psychology of the people of a new civilization-1" in the fifth part, "MAN: THE CREATION OF THE UNIVERSE AND THE BIRTH OF CHILDREN" ). It's a huge difference — between the "divine" birth "on" and the birth of modern wildly ignorant, but very "progressive" woman who is insured in childbirth the same ignorant, but "professionally qualified and certified" doctors. And as an option to the same value there, "LADY, cute, heart, beloved. Why, O Lord (ie the sun), stretch out on the hot line of the mode your warriors? The Song of Igor's Campaign. My Lady, do not rebuke me. " More recent values — the destruction of the ancient traditions of the period — can be considered the fact that in recent centuries "Okay Lad And sometimes called sovmestniki spouses." But it is immaterial deviation and generally still corresponds to the "divinity" of the relationship, according to line up Lada.

For people living right next to the water (rivers and seas) and building currently ships as mobile homes on the water with all the amenities, these vessels become "islands of earthly harmony, they arranged the world on the water." Hence the important concept related to fret: "Well BOAT. great boat, boat, river, at North. Dvina, along the Volga and Kama rivers, esp. carriage is used to salt it podchalki, duration. to 25 fathoms., cargo take up to 90 thousand pounds. In the Arch. uttering. lodya, deck, flat-bottomed, three-masted, supply vessel, 5-11 fathoms. length of 1 1/2 to 3 wide., loaded 9.6 feet, raises 12.2 thousand pounds. Always rook no picks, while the anchor is. Our priest's wife, that wide boat. Hut on the mountain (on the mainland) praise in the sea by boat Naman! architect. LADEYKA g. diminish. Boat ". As an alternative word occurs in the form of: "Well Okay. yarosl. River boat (kladnushka?) ".

Hence also the derived words and their meanings: "the rook, the rook otnosyasch. Rook sailboat, arch. converted from boats. Rook mill, floating, working for a great river, on the shaft, with no dam "," m LADEYSCHIK host and Kormshchikov rook. Rook ending m servant, a sailor, a soldier with the boat, "" LADEOBRAZNY, scaphoid, ladevy, ladeychaty, ladevaty, appearance like a boat. " The same word "Boat" coming to the game of chess: "In the game of chess: the tour, the tower, the coal block that goes into the entire board, right."

The same concept applies in the old days, not only to the "water" words and "air", such as "low. LADEYKA, kite. sowing. kite letuha, gooseneck Moskovka; ladishka, crappy boat; ladischa to increase. Ladeykovy to otnosyasch snake. "

Finally, the word is, its basic meaning, always accompanied by people in everyday life in a way like, 'Well Ladin. yarosl. harmony, luck, success and happiness. Nothing Ladina not, God does not! "As a manifestation of how the process is concomitance Lada in life.


And now you can see what is left of the word and its meaning for today. In "Tales of language" we pay much attention to the fact that all the reforms came first and accumulated during the millennium as a simplification from the west. So it was just when African hordes from the West to Asia Minor escaped spaces. So it was later, when the people have suffered a natural "progress" and "civilization" of the army of Alexander the Great, then the Roman legions, and then Christianized Europe. From this emerged the symbolism of the West as "decadent" ("+ a fall").

And extends from ancient times to the present day. Always "progress" and "enlightenment" of "civilization," we shall be the West. But is in some strange way — through the simplification of all life and the introduction of technology. Just as it is with the language. All modern languages — a consequence of simplifying the ancient language. It had to be for centuries to try a sword and cut off the fire burn all sensible to death cult, the cult of decomposition, CULT retraction was for modern civilization dominant "normal".

On the destruction of thousands of years of Russian language and literature, from Cyril and Methodius, we said. For now, just look at LANGUAGE TECHNOLOGY FAILURE of simple examples. It is very easy to do. Just look at the thesaurus (eg, Dictionary Ozhegova). And look at what's left!

The first thing that catches your eye when you look at all the modern dictionaries, including dictionary and said Dahl, an abstract in meaning, but in the form of tech forming words in alphabetical order, apart from the immediate, real life people, and not by value and meaning. Western — technically — called all the words. Now, the whole order of the words in people's lives and their education can not begin with Lada, but with some "shade" or "abracadabra."

The second thing we have as a result of this approach, the announcement of all the words and meanings, crabbed and infrequent among uneducated people, or outdated, or primitive superstitions, or to give them other values (through artificial arbitrary definitions), distorting the former arising from the sense of sound combinations. As a result, we have a clearly ideological expansion of Western methodology. All of the "civilized" is a "logical grid" world view based on the simple principles of arbitrary decision, which adapts to the perception of people from an early age in the course of education that is perceived as "natural" and "obvious" (in this case, even not in question, who is organized in such a way, and not otherwise do "eyes"). The rest obviously declared "primitive", "unscientific", "alien progress", "hindrance to a happy future for the people." As if deliberately aims to destroy all local and introduce instead of the native alien, "logical" and "Simple and clear."

Third, what we encounter — is Western abstraction techniques, isolation from the roots, the artificiality of logical constructions. These phenomena can be encountered in the dictionary Dahl, but there we have paid more attention to mention more about the original meaning. And the lyrics for this Dalia more features and data. With a dictionary of the twentieth century the situation is much more unsightly. However, to the examples.

These findings are not made of desire to somehow diminish the significance of the "western" cult. We tried to make as a neutral, as it were, as a general and a preliminary conclusions. We have no desire to engage in "name-calling." But anyone who is seriously and deeply will study global change processes language and culture, wanting to understand the real state of things come to an even more severe conclusions not in the West. Unless, of course, is engaged in this study, and not a formal study of false sources.


We look into the modern vocabulary, "Lad 1, and (y) of the mode, in harmony, pl. s, s, m (colloquial). 1. more units. Agreement, peace and order. No harmony in the family. In harmony or in conflict with someone chemn. (In perfect harmony, on friendly terms). Live in harmony with Kemna. He has with him in trouble. Mind with the heart is not at peace with Kogon. (On who understands the mind of one, and my heart feels more). A student is not in trouble with the math (peren.: no time for mathematics.) 2. Sample method. On the other l. do (differently). In every way (in every one, in different ways). o On the way (go, go) (colloquial) successfully. The case went smoothly. Neither rhyme nor reason in no more than (colloquial) there is no clarity, no order (usually about the story, speech). "

Similarly, as in the dictionary Dahl, and in the modern thesauruses have to look right through the cross-references to each other, without disclosing the fact. "Lad" — is, as we see, "accord, peace, order and method", and then, apparently, you need to look at the dictionary definitions of "consent", to "the world", a "process", etc. But you should look at the "consent", so is found in one of the many values more appropriate to the occasion "Proportionality, symmetry, harmony," (because it can not be, perhaps, close to "tune" to something like "Resolution, an affirmative response to the request" ). We look at the "proportionality" and find the "Relevant a borough. As "or" right in relation to its size, parts, in its structure, which is proportional. " Do you understand the meaning of "Lad"? Where do we look next? To "peace"? All 10 values of the word? Or choose something appropriate, where he meets a back reference, such as: "The consent of the absence of enmity, strife, war"? And so it will go around from article to article. A dictionary, compiled according to a subjective opinion and outlook is that of the belief, given to him by his upbringing and education in the family, school, etc. If you have time, experiment.

This is a very interesting exercise, such as puzzles, — to find meaning in meaningless dictionaries! Remember, we were told that they, dictionaries, created for this purpose, one for obessmyslivaniya words. The dictionary gives INTERPRETATION (definitions), rather than opening the original meaning and their place in the vocal structure and life of people. Therefore, the dictionaries are referred to as "sensibly", although it would be truer to call them the "interpretative" or "goofy." But what people are sentimental and now illiterate (no letters) that the often see good where it is and do not spend the night!

As it is sad to admit, but in the dictionaries were only horns and legs of the old "Lada". We are told, agree? — It is necessary to answer, yes! Here is your "consent" is a "model", I mean "lad". Clear? Only this arises after reading the dictionary "interpretation" of the word "way". And then there is no desire to read the dictionary.

However, there is another "parallel" the word that is written in the same (it's such theoretical delights of modern linguistics and the compilers of dictionaries, probably to Forest confuse people who are not in the "workshop" of Teachers): "LAD 2, pl. s, s, m (special). 1. Story of music, sound combinations and harmonies. 2. pl. Cross-division on the neck strings. 3. pl. Harmonic keys, strings, wind instruments. To touch the frets. o In the mood (colloquial) proportionate, in accordance with chemn. Sing in tune. In harmony with someone than in the values. preposition with tv. paragraph (colloquial) as ktonnes. together is not spent with someone chemn. To act in harmony with a partner. | Adj. modal, th, th. " Thus, we are invited to see the "lad" in materialized form, sounds and instruments. And that's thanks. It's close to the truth. And clearly! If we did not have musical instruments, then these "interpretation" would be perceived, perhaps, just as abstract as the previous ones. Although I want to ask why and on what basis linguists shared one word into two words? What they want to say?

No, you see, have not linguists "paganism"! What they are in this case, linguists? And no, because they have been told that "paganism" and "language" — are two different things. Paganism for centuries persecuted, and even the word became abusive. But only a madman can prove that "paganism" and "language" is not linked, that "language" is not a basis of "paganism." After all, as now accepted disown all "pagan", along with the language, both from a "dirty power." This here is a superstition, as a sign of loyalty is not clear to what and thoughtless written resignation to the dictionary. Who and what written, not even asked. And do not even want to think about and to compare something: that we "language" and "word", the well-known Greek "logos." It seems that a lot of that mess interpreters: for individual letters much sense to skip (or be forced to "pass").

All the age-old, original, natural povycherkivali made "abusive." Distorted. Even the "LADA, s, m and x. In folk poetry lover, sweetheart. | Caresses. Ladushka and, m and x. " Abstract so goes with them, "the people's" and simply "poetry," and to people's lives seriously, it appears, has not. That is what we want to say the dictionary compilers. Probably, these poor linguists was glorious and heroic ancestors who lived according to the "Lada", and inherited by them, loved children loved their parents, do not tell. Therefore, they do not have what is called a "memory type" (that is the whole clan!) And "tribal memory" (personal memory of its kind). Therefore, they say in science-like gibberish dictionaries, though they consider it a "science." And it is unclear who taught them to what they are in the dictionary has been written? Why are they so decided to smear his glorious ancestors? The "West" that it suggested? Or come up with, because their parents and grandparents, except horror stories of mistreatment, some unknown forces, could not tell anything? Many questions, and answers not smart.
Nobody said Lad and Lada — it's not pretty endearing nicknames that have no special meaning, or position, such that LAD and Lada — is a reasonable man, heroes, dedicated to the great knowledge. Therefore, they later deified and treated like a god or goddess of "love."

Retell the entire dictionary is difficult and even impractical, given the extremely simplistic approach to words. Look, minus, "get on one with whom (colloquial). Be at peace, to live in harmony. LA with all. " That's all. And anyone who says to a poor reader, that is the "way" to it "to be"? And be sure whether the "live in harmony" means "to be in harmony?" Remember, above, the dictionary Dahl, how many different values had the words "get along"! But here? Not even a trace of that "get along" — it is mostly a great match live order Lada, to act according to Lada. A Lad same — about comparable to an important category of life that permeated virtually everything in the way of life, as the ancient Chinese concept of "Tao." Incidentally, the LAD and the Tao, they go back to one single source of knowledge.

Or this: "go well. 1. (1 and 2 liters. No DMG.). Go so far as to go smoothly (colloquial). It's not going well. 2. Try, try (prost. reg.). LA to go to students. L. help. 3. Collude on what Mr. business, buying (prost. reg.). LS on price. | Owls. get better, (for 1 and 2 means.) and be arranged (by 1 and 3 means.) ". The dictionary was compiled according to the child's education, is convinced that "going smoothly" and "work out" — is one and the same, and is reduced to the concept of "go well." Roughly the same is true of the other values. And now more than ten years and is the opinion of this linguist imposed on all as the norm. This is reminiscent of the targeted dissemination of infection. And then we can say that dictionaries something to teach?

The same goes with the word "establish that. 1. To operation, adjust, make ready for use. N. machine. 2. Arrange, organize. N. parts manufacturing. N. business. 3. Tune in the desired fashion (musical instrument) (colloquial). N. balalaika. " Of the three values that are offered to the reader to the primary in the sense of more closely only third. But mostly used and is recommended to use the word only to machine tools and production. In general, we are invited to the Russian language to do the same thing as the English — tehnizirovat. Therefore, the derivatives 'technical' value from the word "Lad" — the central concept of the natural "civilization" of our land — we impose as a leading and fundamental. That this is the role and importance of dictionaries that were not taken into account in the preparation of the very first one. Because the very first "dictionaries" were compiled as prostheses for the disabled or trainer for beginners as approximate "Guide" in language, as primitive "conversation" is not intended to be exhaustive data on the language and culture. And make up for not always populated and raised on the land, and as no one simple "phrase" — for foreign "missionaries" carrying here "technoculture." No one then and did not think that such simple things get to distant descendants main source of knowledge about the language.

Prior to that, you know, there was still down, parallel to the aggressive buying of quality for social adaptation and survival. Now the descendants of ancient warriors teach their native language as a foreign language — at inflated by the number of pages and confused by the value of vocabulary words and far from the life of language textbooks. For most parents, a "normal" tuck their children these textbooks and dictionaries, though they themselves have failed to understand the "wisdom" of these books and learn to write correctly. They think that their children will understand, or nothing thinking? Strange, is not it? In wildlife parents with children do not act, this is only possible in an artificial environment with artificial rituals.

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Language teachers seem to be the most conservative in the world, "intermediaries" are not responsible for what they do. Language they are, as it turns in conversations, often do not really know how and do not know the history of the language, but are committed to the authorities, and some kind of teaching children to instill conscience is his "ignorance" with someone else's guesses in the textbook. After all, they themselves learned somehow and diplomas obtained somehow. They themselves did not really passed or clearly garbled data. And on a small salary, nervously sensitive to children (suddenly salary until the end of the month is not enough), and berating them for their stupidity (although they are so stupid guards, unable to open the fascinating depths of the language to children), make yourself out of the authorities, the duty to "educate" children, as required by the "method."

And linguists (especially young) meanwhile torn in the debate over language: they, in their youth, many hypotheses in Hot Shots! But, you know, they should be (as shown by our mail) talk according to the paradigm of the concepts that they have learned at the Faculty of Philology, and the theories and hypotheses that existed there. As if they had something to do with the language of reality and history. With them goes, nothing to talk about, they are terribly far from the living language. And it is not yet ripe for knowledge. Between whole libraries of information and knowledge of the real big difference. And listen to the "eternal students" engaged in self-education and provide real good in the world is busy. Administrators also in the department of language, dealing with all sorts of reforms that do not understand where do and what to learn. While it is understandable that they sometimes grow from there, from the philological faculty. This is a cycle of science in science, not in connection with a real language.

Next, we will not dwell on such dictionaries and dictionary meaning of words. Probably already "ate" even on our examples. Simply, in this case it was justified by the need to see the mechanism of the destruction of language through the efforts of all involved, from the simple illiterate citizen scientists to linguists.

How can we be proud of in such stupid "smart" dictionary? What can we learn? Here's an example: "rook, and, b. pl. action, w. 1. Boat, sailing boat (old reg.) .2. In chess: the figure in the form of the tower tour. | Adj. rook, st, st. Rook mast. Rook ending party. " Here again we were sent "around" in order to understand that there is a rook, you need to find the word "boat". So, look for and find the word "boat, and, w. 1. A small, usually rowing boat. Boating. Sculls l. Sailing l. Motor l. Inflatable l. 2. The name of certain types of military vessels. Gunboat l. Underwater l. (Warship capable of navigating in the submarine and surface condition). "

Now look. No word on the letters, the meaning, the history of the concept, how the word and what it senses that it is generally meant in the lives of their ancestors, and then their descendants. The given word is just a definition, as in the terminologies, and this is called the interpretation of the word (at the time we had come to the word "sense" and "interpret" and see how the current "friendly" dictionaries are far from the interpretation). The word is defined in modern dictionaries (o-limit), he is given a range of use, as it is assigned technically "identification" sign value. In this sense, and with the "scientific" approach — technically — any way you can give any definition or "label." Please mix them, as in the bingo and Dock at random any word with any value. Technically, the essence does not change. Pick out a new school and talk in a new way!

Would have long since done so, so far from the people "computers" are not obtained. In humans, in addition to "technical" option, there is a "natural", which has been the millennium can not keep up and always have to adjust to it, under nature. So, according to this "natural" setting, the words originally come with their natural sense, as our hands and feet, eyes, ears and senses that most modern dictionaries are ignored for generations. Now, to find out what the "boat" with a different letter to search for the word "vessel", but about the "boat" is already safely in this forgotten, yet thought about the "boat." Some people are too used to being in it, to put it mildly, "Bedlam," which they themselves senselessly create and maintain their small umishka, unable to remember more than one short thoughts simultaneously. This "outrage" and "disorder" thoughtlessness seen in everything from everyday life to science, when ends meet do not converge and is obtained as in the saying "the law that pole, which turned, came back and" promotes relentless destruction of the population further. Information, no matter where you poke, has a base (no beginning and no end), is a set of hypotheses, suspended in the air, without reference to this unshakable knowledge of life, Man, Mind, and the Universe?

From the "intelligent" Glossary, so only learned about the "technical" achievements that are different boats, but did not know that the word "boat"! Explained to us to explain, but it never explained. Or did not know or pretended to explain salute with greater effect for scientific titles? And now these "wise men" will be looking at us, these "dull", not understanding the "simple things" as "boat", "boat", etc. down, as "abnormal." "Normal", in their opinion, should it, if not understand, memorize and consumed. Because that's so laid or made. But let not this a clever put itself on the world huge numbers of dictionaries, published with funds collected as taxes from those who designed these dictionaries as "experts" who hold important positions, but did not explain and do not yield benefit to the people in whose language feed? They literally suck the thumb of rules and techniques, how to properly write and speak. True, they furnish statistical data collection and scientific reports or minutes of folklore expeditions "to the people." Scientific removed "cut" with the level of corruption of the language, which have already achieved, compared with the level of corruption, which was, say, a hundred years ago, on the texts of the time. A tendency, a classification or classification. And this process (this "movement") simply called "development" of the language. Other answer could not be in this case, with a "methodology". You know, the language can not "break", once on the street "scientific progress"! One conclusion! Hence, the language of "evolving! (Similar processes occur in other sciences, but there is, I think, will understand more curious.) Point.

We are now purposely vdaemsya into details, because the word "boat" is derived from "Harmony", which we have said a lot. It is clear that for many centuries ago, "boat" was turned into a technical term, and now replaced by an even more simple to use and pronunciation of the word "boat". Indeed, the process of mechanization of language goes a long time, thousands of years, and linguists are not looking at the language in general, and on specific topics in the language of scientific papers. It turns out, to hell with it, with the language, it develops, or destroyed, only to scientific topics were for research workers. In this case, the problem we have to see how the issues of language made technical suggestions to manipulate people's minds. As "machinized" through language itself thinking individuals. While it has long been in linguistics are "good" mostly "technical" trends in the approach to language.

The same words derived from "Harmony" are the following words: "pancakes. Thick soft cake made of flour izzharennaya pan. | Decr. oladushek, shka, oil, oladyshek, shka, oil, pancakes, and g. and oladyshka, and g. PALM. The inner side of the wrist. Callous hands. In your hand (that can be clearly seen, it is clear). In the palm of your hand clap beat, hit (the same as in the hands clapping, beat, hit). | Decr. palm, and g. Beat, clap their hands (palm strike one against the other.) | Adj. palm, st, st. Palmar surfaces of the hands and fingers. Hands: clap your hands (hit, hit) 1) hitting with one hand against the other in approval, and 2) to hit with one hand on the other, beating time. " Look carefully. Characterized here the same technical approach: According to the definition given, but not the interpretation. Meanings, you see, there is no need to disclose because they are long "obsolete." And do not even think that life can not become obsolete, but may become outdated hand, foot, eyes, and ears. If the hand is replaced with artificial arms, and instead of the eyes — camera remote control, it is — a robot. And when the words are removed alive meanings given to them as artificial definition, only remotely resembling the old, as an iron arm like a hand, it is, I'm sorry, "the terms" not living word in all its integrity and connection with the universe. And consciousness, built on the logical formulation of such terms would not mind living in space-related, and some "program" behavior in the given framework. Is that also not clear whether those who call themselves people and considers himself wise?

Doctors say without seeing the disease, not cure it. So it is here. Not knowing what was happening with the language, not knowing the kind of language at any level trying to communicate, you can not learn how to think, and then act correctly, be sound and healthy, have the power and beauty. Rather, unawareness in these matters condemn people to a state of "polumashin" (or, as is often said to be bio-robots). And none of their ambition as to what they are "men" and "crown of creation", the bitter truth is not canceled: a computer program can also be put that it is a "captain" or "procurator", and it is also a kind of " education. "

That's why there who do not understand and do not realize at what level and what language they particle today possess, can not be considered reasonable and robust. Today they make up virtually unmanageable majority of the world. And therefore are unreasonable processes on a global scale. How long it may call "progress", in fact, has long been known, "progressing" so far only a technique. And people with degraded becoming more primitive and sick. People do not realize that the inorganic technology "organically" grown out of them, as compensation for the properties being lost living sentient being. What the governments of different countries? So they do not able to change. Too late. They now are only temporary "traffic controllers" at the crossroads of peoples movement, traffic controllers, democratic or totalitarian successive short intervals, like sentries on duty, with or without understanding global processes on the planet. They do not own or control the situation in the event that stretch forever.

Remember, we have said to you at the beginning of the levels of meaning, descending from the high "Harmony"? Without raising the level of consciousness and developing intellectual capacity, people are not able to understand and feel the "Lad". In the undeveloped state, they have to be to talk about "Lada" at a dictionary definition (and they can be understood, it's elementary physics, "optics" phenomena with undeveloped ability level is no longer visible).

Below "Harmony", hardly guessable undeveloped consciousness, "is the meaning of" GOLD ". If there is no dictionary at hand, we remind the modern definition (or value) of the word "treasure, and, m 1. Buried, hidden where the borough. value. Find k 2. Perrin. Something very valuable, which contains a lot of merit (colloquial). This book is a treasure for me. Not an employee, and treasure. o Ore Treasure (special) ore deposits. " Treasure originally had the meaning of "formulated Lada", a certain body of wisdom on which to build a happy life and reasonable. And really treasure of great value. And now all the wise teachings and wise book, the adventures in search of treasure, a treasure hunt, they mean by the word "GOLD" is wisdom, knowledge, Lada and Lada path (hence: "to + Lad"). The moral of these stories is that a treasure trove, or under, in the end, means knowledge or wisdom. And only in the last century, with simplification of consciousness and change the scale of values in the public consciousness, a "treasure" presupposed that the compilers of dictionaries from fixed vernacular of ordinary people, without going into the historical processes of the movement of thought and movement of peoples. The narrowness of specialization entails and narrowness of thought. What to take with them these servicemen, Pisarev clerk! More and nothing to say about them …

But even formulated in words, "Lad", presented in the "treasure" — this is only the knowledge, but not the real world of things and relationships. To them, things and relations, it is necessary to go down even further. And here they can already catch in specifics even undeveloped faculties of mind: if on the "Harmony" and "treasure" people generally fantasize about and do not understand what is being said about them, all have to imagine that concluded, for example, in the words: "The way", "Warehouse" and "put"? Because it is even lower, more "material" level. The difference is that before a certain "The way" of life was built according to the "Lada" and "treasure." Now, all sorts of "lifestyle" invented arbitrarily, out of touch with nature Lada, and received all sorts of different, equally hopeless and ugly, sooner or later lead to a crisis. Why people live so bad and painful. They are trying to organize the life of "logically", "right", but not under the Lada, not according to the nature of nature, nature of the universe. It turns out not only foolish, but also hurt. Hence the agony, misery and grief sea.

By "lifestyle" today are the following (from the dictionary): "The way, but set the order of meters, formed unit (social life, life). Economic, business lifestyle. Way of life, a family. " Here you have another professional or technical definition. Not even a hint of communications and direct derivation of the word from the word "GOLD" and "Lad". Why? This hinders the mechanization of thought and robotics people! Incidentally, it wrote titled linguists. And "The way" before made sense only in one sense, the corresponding values of the established order, or living arrangements Lada. Otherwise it would be called not a "way of life", but in a different way.

So it is with the word "warehouse". We look first to the dictionary: "Warehouse 2, and (y), m 1. Mindset and habits, behavior. Mind. National kidney. Man idiosyncrasy. 2. Logical connection, harmony. Neither rhyme nor reason not to than-n. (There is no clarity, no order, colloq.) ". "Way of thinking" is still close to the original meaning of Lada, but not quite enough that it would be necessary (see "Over + to + Lad"). The second value is also related to the thought processes, such as more acceptable. But already there is a gradual simplification, shall communicate, in the end, to "store" as "store of wealth." Today, at least say "mind", but more often — "warehouse"! Because the "mind" almost no value, but the "goods" — still has! What are you still expecting things in the world, where people are selling like things: either entirely, or in part, or on time, etc?! This is very interesting, by the way — to read dictionaries! It is better if the difference between them in a hundred years. Immediately clear how shattered language of the people and, therefore, how they make it even easier for a century. How people become more thing and technical tool! Polyubopytstvuyte if patient enough, and education. And do not begin to say that we have to invent something.

Allow me an example. There is a verb, "to lay; Nesov. 1. who-what. Placed in a supine position, and generally put to Mr., Which have borough. K. child in a stroller. K. handkerchief in his pocket. K. larvae, eggs (about insects, the female birds, reptiles: delay). K. money on a book (to contribute). K. patient to the hospital (for treatment). 2. that. Put, apply to the surface of sth. K. paint on canvas. K. bandage on his hand. C. Resolution (superscribe; outdated.). 3. that. Put, to add into sth., Where n. K. seasoning in food. 4. what what. Use, to appoint a borough. purpose (colloquial). K. all forces to sth. C. for a trip a week. 5. that. Built of stone and brick. K. foundation. C. oven. 6. that. Make sth. (As indicated by a noun). K. began what Mr. (Start). K. end what Mr. (Stop). K. base (base). o Putting the music of that place the burden on the music. Putting life (head) for someone that give their lives for someone sth., Sacrifice. Bowing to bow in prayer. Put the ball in the hole in billiards: hit the cue to send the ball into the pocket. | Owls. put SHC, ozhish, where you've (by 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 means.) and folded, SHC, ozhish, where you've (by 5 means.). | Noun. masonry, and g. (By 5 Val., To 1 znach.ob postponement larvae, eggs). " Here deliberately quoted almost full, without abbreviations. Look carefully. How many entries have already hung the word, but please tell me, in which there is any hint of anything original "Lad", the musical? So, as far as we are in this case are far from real, original Harmony of Nature? How progressively have become mere "technical means", ie tool for engineering. And you want these words to think correctly, that your mind is healthy? And you want to be healthy and wise — with such consciousness (consisting of the thoughts contained about words that have any technical meaning)? So, is not that different from the idea of living as well as an apple from a model now? If you do not feel sorry for you: probably has nothing to compare. All one. And if you feel that is still alive, that can heal

But the word "lay" is associated only with the word "GOLD" in a live sense, means "going to the Lada" means harmonization, ladnost Life (examples from the "put" the treasure, luggage, Fount? They are linked to one root Lad) . The dictionary also says "put the ball in the hole!" Interestingly, those in which emotional and intellectual state is uttered, and who is behind it minuted that then replicate this rubbish in the millions? And most importantly, with what philological mind beliefs and service need to have to assume that the benefit of such a dictionary made to educate the people and demand for such labor is rewarded? That's how they are trying to nedoobrazovannye narrow specialists who do not have benchmarks in reality. For them, that the top of that bottom — all one! Everything is measured from here to here, and the rest does not concern them. Such is the collective irresponsibility.

Well, to do it you will have fun on this tragicomedy, which in all seriousness the power play with titles uncle, here's another example after a solid "electrification of the whole country," sorry, we wanted to say "mechanization." See: "The butt is 1, a, m of the gun, rifle, machine gun, which serves to lock in the shoulder shooter. Beat the stock (in close combat). | Adj. applied, th, th butts of 2, and, m Supporting material for clothing, footwear products. Sartorial item (lining, buckram, buttons, buckles, etc.). | Adj. applied, an, and prikladochny th, th, th. "

To think if there was once something to do with "Lad"! Yes, thought necessary. Once, perhaps, something happened. And now here and not spend the night. One complete machinery and materials.

And to think is interesting. It's true. I wonder the same, that we will leave our children and grandchildren, what language! Computer? Or is it alive? And who they are, kids, and then our blood relatives: bio-robots, which themselves will proudly be considered "a reasonable man"? Or realizing that there is something wrong with them. Reflect, in contrast to their parents and grandparents who have forgotten their native language and live?


Now, during the almost wholesale "higher" education, when certified by non-professional is a little different, there's something to think about. Graduates can think only functionally, within a single discipline. A diploma is easily bought, without any education, and become as those who can not think reasonably well as those who have studied a few years to get a college education. So they are far from a living thought and think about thinking the same thing going on in the computer. Living thinking they do not know because they do not possess a living language. Throughout the training, from school to university, they all inspire only terminological lexicon, and the same amount of time wean and hid in the classroom language from the language itself with all sorts of special techniques and mechanization rules of the language. And do they think just sitting in the classroom language, something taught, wrote and passed the control tests, it means they have learned the language well. Compare something with nothing. After all, a reason we are one of his works written about the current state of language in society as follows:

'? This is why we believe the most important part of work on a people who want to live in a new way, RETURN OF THE LIVING LANGUAGE. Return, and not to give up. The rejection of you and wait for a rejection of all the treasures of the language, so that, in the end, there were only a minimum necessary for the functioning of the "technical reserve" words. Understand that the so-called "Modern language spoken by the people" in the form in which it exists today will hinder personal growth, will slow the return of the lost human skills and abilities, and will be tricked again. What's that you need again? "

Therefore, the quality of the argument take a documented fact — the official entry.
What is "Sweetness"?

"Sweets, and g. 2. The sweet taste of (colloquial). In the cake a little sweetness. 3. pl. Confectionery. Eastern sweets. "

Modern Dictionary defines the word, based only on taste, at the level of physiology at the level of the lower centers. And not a word is said about the "Lada", that the word "sweetness" ("+ with LAD"), first and foremost, means "the experience of Supreme Harmony, ladnosti, Lada." Just ignore and family roots, such as "malt".

And the same thing with a derivative of the word "sweets", "candy, and many others. and her f. 1. pl. Same as sweetness (3 means.). Buy sweets. 2. Perrin. Chthon. very nice, good (prost.). What with. swim in the heat! That over with. stay at home? Walk up to the full. ".

Although it is the word refers only to fret ("Co + las", and family roots, "las + point", "in + las" and even "in domain +").

Speaking of "authority". What are the "miracles" happen in politics with this word, do not have to talk about it every day through all the media noise. We on this word, under the impression, even in their articles once wrote. And points out that nature is constructed as a ladder, on many levels, higher and higher, according to the original Lada, in which all assigned its own unique niche that with anything else can not be reversed. In a living sense of the word "power" associated with the roots of the word "Lad", is just that ("county", "in La + (g) + Art"), ie "Authority" means the original match natural Lada. And in this sense the word is closer to the values of "parish, district, region, territory," than to the secondary and later, deliberately imposed value "governing body." In general, the "pleasure" and "power" have more in common than the "power" and "governing body." This is also not to say of the language and correct usage.

If there were no dictionaries firmly fixed to a certain "normative" use of words, the "government" would not have been so tightly tied to politics. Apparently, someone was advantageous to provide an impartial through something "sweet." And such frank blunders complete ignorance millennial linguistic roots in modern dictionaries can be found on every page! Because "the history of language" is just a period in the amount of some couple of centuries. And ask, for example, the Russian philologist of the language of their ancestors 1000-1500 years ago! One can imagine that they will lash out, because in school and university textbooks such thing there is little, there are only fragments of some fakes.

Or, perhaps, something remains of the Lada in the adjective "sweet." So, look, "Sweet, sweeter, sweetest. 1. Having a pleasant taste, characteristic of sugar or honey. S. pie. Sweet love (noun). Too sweet (in val. Tale., As Mr. Pereslaschennom). 2. Perrin. A pleasant, enjoyable. Sweet Life. C. sleep. Sweet dreams. Sweet (narech.) lives s.o.. 3. Perrin. Sugary-sweet, touching (colloquial neodobr.). Sweet smile. C. voice. 4. Perrin. Smarmy, hypocritical. Blarney. 5. sweet, my, Wed Dessert, the third dish. Ice cream for dessert. "

All in all, we had no luck in the dictionary with a "sweet". This proves to be just something "nice" or "sugar", which, incidentally, is the same, from the point of view of modern dictionary. About as bad luck and related words: "Enjoyment, I, cf. The highest degree of pleasure. Listen with pleasure. AN art. Bliss and Wed. Full and serene happiness, pleasure. Being on top of bliss. Eternal b. (In religious representations: an afterlife in heaven). "

You even remember from school, when the trees were planted, which means "planting"? The process of planting or land with planted trees, right? But not the "high degree" of something. But similar in form the word "pleasure" goes, just "fun." Such is the substitution. Rather than write that "pleasure" ("at + c (a) + way") — it is about "the tendency or effect of the experience of Supreme Harmony, Harmony." And where does the "fun", the word has very different roots? This comes only from ignorance of the language linguists. And what can we say about ordinary people without access to information and disoriented?

A "blessing"? Also just "fun"? No. Stands differently: "bo + way" as "divine Lad", ie "Experience of divine harmony, ladnosti." And not only experience, but also participation.

However, the more fully the ancient culture LIVE SWEETS in our land can be found in our work, "the sense of being in the sweetness of life." We present, as the conclusion of this article, only one quote from there:

"The first thing you absolutely must know and remember is that our wise ancestors of the ancient world knew the meaning of human existence is the sweetness of life. Sweetness is here used in its original sense, not in a corrupt modern dictionary meaning. In ancient times, "sweetness" is understood as universal compliance Lada ("a mood?"), And do not like the taste of something "sugar", "pleasant" or that which, is a pleasure. Rather, these values were as such something big, now lost. Why is lost, it is we, too, try to find out.
The second thing that you should know and remember is that Nature, nature, life has not changed. Everything is fine, as before, in ancient times. And the reason that we do not often see this beauty and our life does not seem to us a "sweet" is probably to be found in us. Themselves on their own experience we know as soon as we get sick with something, the world seems to us even murkier, and its life is a solid meal. Hence, logically, the third.
The third thing you should know and remember is that if someone is experiencing flour instead of the sweetness of life, therefore, he is due to some circumstances there is a change, uncomfortable or ill. Hence the need for harmonization of their own healing or life state to start or continue to experience the sweetness of life, as befits a man in his nature. Why philosophize? Okay organization must engage private life. "

But in spite of all the alien propaganda and brainwashing, and we all feel every cell, at least vaguely remember how it was — nature and living antiquity. And no, no, yes and vstrepenetsya in us and speaks something real, as soon as we hear the music and lyrics of songs, many years known song "Harmony" (played by Vadim Mulerman in the late 60's of the XX century):

By the sound of the iron armor, under the sound of the iron armor
Sitting astride his horse,
Yaroslavna per hour separation Yaroslavna per hour separation
Said probably prince
— No need to frown, Lada, frown not. Fret
To me, you laugh — a reward, Lada!
Even if you become a mother, you will anyway Okay,
To me, you're Okay, Lada!

We centuries — not a barrier, we centuries — not a barrier
And I want to again
Forgotten the word "harmony", forgotten the word "harmony"
All favorites began to call!
— No need to frown, Lada, frown not. Fret
To me, you laugh — a reward, Lada!
Even if you become a mother, you will anyway Okay,
To me, you're Okay, Lada!

Halves colorful rainbow, rainbow-colored halves
We add to spite us rain,
We multiply our joy, we multiply our joy
And divide!
— No need to frown, Lada, frown not. Fret
To me, you laugh — a reward, Lada!
Even if you become a mother, you will anyway Okay,
To me, you're Okay, Lada!

Maybe we will come back time and again to the words "Lad, Lada, Sweetness," etc. We must also remember the ever present sweetness of life, not to feel a fleeting intoxication of any "chemistry", and the present, the living happiness of the human race!

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So, let's sum it up, though it is — is not easy to transfer corrupt words uncorrupted original meaning. But try, given that it will not be the final statements, given that the descriptions of these will still be refined to improve.

We must also understand the fact that modern sound different from the old sound (so all the way to bring the sound, trying to transcribe the words to explain here, too, are very approximate.) Better to try to capture the essence of the lost, than to try to immediately remembered the exact outline. While this is very few people can do. Fidelity, accuracy of memory — this is the next stage of work. And each, with increasing awareness and harmonize your life will be more and more deeply comprehend the meanings of the words on. Because after they are opened, as the comprehension of meaning, the mystery of life and the universe.

Repeat until briefly what we have learned about words. Start from the beginning, from the home, as it always was in the Living Antiquities (as opposed to arbitrary systems of modern dictionaries, like, alphabetically, etc., which only confuse wanting to understand anything to expound):

LAD (LADA) — 1) "Equipped World." 2) higher, "sky" laws, reasonable meaning of everything. Later, in the East it is formulated (not lossless) as "Tao". LAD has many values that are derived from the original meaning, including: 1) Harmony, Proportionality (LADnost, coordinated, collapsible), and 2) the procedure, the establishment and maintenance of a certain order or manner of life Zhiznebytiya (lifestyle, ownership, possession, power). Hence the derived words: get along, sweet, sweetness, pleasure, etc. For us, too, in this case the "LAD" can have different meanings: 1) the source of the original movement, 2) the spread of spirituality from the Source, and 3) a reasonable beginning of creation, its constant creative play etc. But above all, there arises the LAD as originally defined and due to cosmic order, a hierarchy, alignment, you can not mix and mix up (clearly, this is the same strict tightness, operation, such as the frets on the guitar soundboard). This "proportionality components." PAP has some initial structuring harmonious — and deeper, as layered, and wide as the variety of natural, environmental and social relations — in which nothing can be arbitrarily rearranging or broken. However, even more recent interpretation of the word "Lada", of course, can be 1) of spirituality, 2) the production of the wisdom, and 3) the seat of the soul, etc. Do I need to say that, historically, the closer we age, LADA — (vost.slavyanskoe) is the "Goddess of Love"? Similarly, the word LAD — "God is love." Indeed, even earlier, in the ancient world, the deity is understood as the highest level of skill, and not simply in the modern religious significance. LAD, in practice, must be understood as a kind of supermatrix harmonious interaction of man with the universe. But can be understood as a particular way of organized social life, and as a way of reason, and as the law of the Spirit of Life Space and Earth.

Get along — ("LAD + iti") to create, create, create in accordance with Lad (and not just do something. This word refers only to the Lada, created last and that there is nothing horrible, just as technically now everyday life and use it to the detriment of human nature).

Okay (LADY) — ("LAD + (n) + n th") inherent Lada, a Lad, pertaining to the Lada. Ladnaya life — the life, arranged according to Lada. The good news is that right. And in the mean: Okay, narrowed, Honey. Hence: "My Lady, do not rebuke me," or going to the Lad, who lives on the Lada. "OK" is all right, and no simpler synonyms there can be no such "consonant, handsome," etc. It is through such an approximate match ("wrong") and destroy the ancient foundations and roots, undermining them as rot and rust.

GOLD (fount) — ("+ a Lad") average between high Lad and secular way of life, as if the level of ideas, the level of the mind, the level of understanding of Lada. Utterance, the sound and feeling Lada. Therefore, in all ages, the word was understood to be the highest and the need to value the need to find and to keep in mind and soul. Without the treasure, as without a guide, there is no way to Lada. Hence: dear treasure, a treasure hunt. (Derivatives of words derived from the primary roots with prefixes and suffixes are usually more objective, specific, local, localized value.) And now all the wise teachings and wise book, the adventures in search of treasure, a treasure hunt, have in mind the word "GOLD" is wisdom, knowledge, and the Path to Lada Lada. The moral of these stories is that a treasure trove, or under, in the end, means knowledge or wisdom (rather than disposal of property, as it is today is simply understood.)

Sweets (COHERENCE) — ("With LAD + + spine") sliyannosti harmonious state, compounds with Lad, conformity Lada, according to nature, nature, as well as the involvement of the base, the support Lada, to what used to be called slovokornem "spine" (axle shaft) Lada. And yet: the experience of Supreme Harmony, Ladnosti, feeling Lada. Hence: Sweetness of Being, the sweetness of life, Sweetness of Love (but this word has nothing to do with sugar and it taste like it incorrectly interpreted in modern dictionaries.)

Sweet (sweet) — ("With LAD + + (k) th") characteristic of Sweets with sweets pertaining to Sweets. For example, say a child or a lover, "my sweet!" (Recommended for use only in the sense that are contained in the original "Sweets" and not in the simplified "sugar" values).

Sweets — ("With La + (g) + Art"), the sensation of sweetness, being in a state of sweetness. relates only to the Lada ("Co + las", and family roots, "with fashion +" (or "malt"), "las + point", "in Las +" (or "hair", "Vlas") and even "in the domain +" (or "parish")).

POWER (parish, Vlasov) — ("In La + (g) + Art") is almost the same as "sweets", but differs in that means not just a harmonious state, and penetration, entry into this state and Empowerment through this condition. Is the original of the relevant natural Lada, therefore stands still and binders with Lad like yarn, or channels, or wires. And in this sense the word is closer to the values of "parish, district, territory, territory" with integrity and the totality of the natural relationships of the components is a whole, than the secondary and later, deliberately impose a simplified and technical meaning of "governing body."

POSSESSION (mastery, possession) — ('in (on) + + enie Lad "), the process of entering a dive, tuning in okay condition, harmonization, as well as staying in this state. In this sense, and "possession" is defined as the capacity to hold about themselves in a harmonious state. These words relate only to Lad, and attributing them to a host of other modern, distorted values unnatural. Originally "own" ("in (a) + + et Lad") means "to enter into the Lad", "fit into the Lad", "to be all right." (Late entanglement due misunderstanding went on what "OK" in all — it is also strong, and excellent in every way.)

HELLAS — ("El Lada +") "land of harmony". One of the values of the ancient "El" — is "a side edge of the earth." Incidentally, this ancient word "Elf", Elves (compare formally similar words: Scythians). And the word "Lad, Harmony", see above. In ancient times, Hellas and historic monument of modern Eurasia, although geographical contours of land at the time looked a bit different than today.

WAREHOUSE — (Co + K (n) + LAD), collapsible, I put the line, order by Lada. Foldable work! With these words in our time, too, there is a gradual simplification, shall communicate, after all, a former high meaning to modern coarse "store" as "store of wealth." Today, at least say "mind", but more often — "warehouse"! Because the "mind" has little value when there are computers, but the "product" — still has! Although originally the word "warehouse" refers only to the meaning of "Lad" (only on modern dictionaries do not understand this.)

Arrangements — ("y + a + Lad") Specifically, one of many to form Lada sold at a lower level, among people in society, as a well-defined "lifestyle" (from + to + LAD). Literally means: "The Treasure." Gradual ("social") reducing meanings Lada seen in the following series of words: "Lad — GOLD — Warehouse — The way". Previously, some "The way" of life built only according to the "Lada" and "treasure". Now all the "lifestyle" invented arbitrarily, out of touch with nature Lada, and get different, equally hopeless and ugly, leading to a crisis. People are trying to organize the life of "logically", "right", but not according to the original nature Lada, not according to the nature of nature, nature of the universe. It turns out not only foolish, but also hurt.

PANTRY — ("K (o) + LAD + ova + I") literally interpreted as "environment, environment, neighborhood, parish" Lada or place with all contents of this medium. (Compare with the formally similar words: dining room, new, horseshoes, etc.). Refers only to the living, flowering and fruiting environment (and not a small room and pits with different inventory items, as is currently understood). For example, the Sun Storage, Storage Nature.

Luggage (luggage) — ("K (o) + LAD + iti") something wrought by living according to the Lada, including, for example, a set of necessary and helps the individual things in the road, or even for some specific purposes, without any frills, without compromising Ladnosti situation (and to modern values of some sort of "goods" and so is not relevant.)

BOAT — ("LAD + rd") Okay subject harmonious thing, something created by the hands (palms), all subject relating to the Lada. In particular, the "boat" as the house, dwelling on the water, equipped Ladny corner of the world, built by the laws of Harmony masters (Compare formal structure words with similar in structure: fritters, pig, falling.) In modern dictionaries interpreted too simplistic and even pushed as outdated word.

Fritters — ("O + LAD + bx") food, coordinated or creation according to the Lada, right, with his hands. In ancient times, did not eat anything wrong, incomprehensible, not digestible okay and healthy life organization. However, they conveniently fit into the way people live. Easily and quickly prepared, tasty, suitable for almost any dish situations. Reminiscent of the sun, palms, joy? They were different (prepared by different recipes and different filling, even today, there are carrots, pumpkin, squash, cheese, etc.).

Mladen (Youth) — ("M (a) + LAD") "was originally born okay." Related nest words: baby, boy, young, younger, etc. and even the word, seems to be far apart in value, as "Milk" ("La Mo + (g) + Co"), as originally given or born food for the spirit (of the spirit). Here, "a / o" — alternating vowels, although in ancient times great sense necessary to the consonants, and the vocalization was less important.

GLAD (famines, hunger) — ("Ga + LAD"), "All right movement", a free, easy, free movement or change, according to Lada. (Now I know what level of being must be to carry the word to the feeling of emptiness in the stomach or to touch certain areas?).

Hands (palms) — ("LAD + He (s)"), then, and this is done so that Lad, with full knowledge and awareness of what is happening. Hence the old expression: see at a glance. Not to mention the fact that every particle of a whole lot of information gives a whole (hence, for example, as palmistry palm reading information about a person, but this knowledge is largely already lost). By the way, hence the word "Hand" ("R (A) + La (g) + He (s)"), as the same as Palm, but upside down, on the contrary.

LaDonna — (Legendary) is the same as the "dragon", the keeper of Erie garden.

PLEASURE — ("at + c (a) + way") — this is about is interpreted as "the tendency or effect of the experience of Supreme Harmony, Harmony." A "d / train" — a consonant in the later variations of verbal use of the word.

BLISS — comes from the root 'bo + way "as" divine Lad ", ie "Experience of divine harmony, ladnosti." And not only experience, but also participation in building the life Okay, in the creation ("Bo + Laden"). There is also a closely related word "good." In this case "g / f / d" — consonant in the root, due to changes in the meanings and sounds of the language in its simplicity.
Yes, we do not consider here all the words occurring in the large nest of related concepts around the meaning of the word (root) "LAD". I think, based on the set out, you yourself will be able to understand them and find their original meaning and value. And of course, let me remind you, this is not the final formulation, and the preliminary, which can be refined in practice, in the course of practice approach life and living life to the natural fabric of life of Homo sapiens.

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