Land threatened deadly cosmic rays

Land threatened deadly cosmic raysAmerican astrophysicists have concluded that the Earth is threatened by a new threat from outer space — a special type of gamma radiation, which can destroy all life on our planet. Scientists suggest that these "death rays" have killed the dinosaurs. This is reported by the U.S. media.

Threatening Earth, gamma rays produced by collisions of stars and supernova explosions. As a result there are so-called short gamma-ray bursts. How do I find the staff Uoshbernskogo university in the state of Kansas, this type of radiation was more dangerous than the long gamma-ray bursts.

These pulses last less than a second (and long — much longer), but emit massive amounts of radiation. If such rays sent to Earth, they will destroy all the ozone layer of our planet, paving the way for the damaging UV radiation. As a result, life on Earth will end.

According to scientists, these flashes occur when dense neutron stars collide with each other, or when supernovae explode, or when the stars or planets disappear into black holes. Such incidents are accompanied by the release deadly radiation in space are about once every 100 million years.

Researchers believe that the death of the dinosaurs was caused by just such short gamma-ray bursts. Now astrophysicists will study fossils from different geological periods of the Earth to find the relationship between the times of mass extinction of living creatures on the planet and huge release of radiation in space.

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