Land with a bird’s eye view / Earthflight watch online

Land with a bird's eye view / Earthflight watch online
"Land Bird's eye "- A documentary series on what is presented to our view Land bird's-eye view, the eyes of the birds themselves, in a stunning natural kaleidoscope. Stunning views 5 continents, filed in a new perspective in the 6 series movie, with which you can join the flock of Lapland geese, cranes, flamingos, pelicans, eagles and other bird brethren. For the creation of the film have been applied the latest technology aircraft shooting, so we were able to fine detail to behold the power of nature. The viewer's eye will open angle only visible eye soaring high in the sky crane, which sweeps over the canals of Venice or to experience a smooth glide with the bald eagle majestically against Canyon. Film «Land Bird's eye "will open to you the secrets that hides inside the blue of the sky, showing the world in a very modern and exciting future.

Episode 1

2 series

3 series

4 series

5 series

6 series


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