Lightning ignited the house in Vitebsk

During a thunderstorm and rain on June 30 in one of the houses hit by lightning in Vitebsk. Heavy wind knocked in more than a dozen trees.

After a lightning strike the house on the street craft, despite the pouring rain, caught fire. Firefighters arrived within 10-15 minutes after the call and quickly extinguished the flames, so that only the affected part of the roof structure. In addition to lightning caused fire damage electronic equipment some neighbors.

In at least nine places in Vitebsk strong wind gusts which reached a speed of 12 meters per second, twisted or broken trees.



In the courtyard "Eridan" broken tree fell on a car. However, "Lada" honorably withstood punch — just hit the roof, where there was a dent.

Kutuzov street broken birch fell directly to the building arts factory "Kupava". Another tree on the street fell across the roadway.

Several trees fell in the park of Partisan Glory in Lenin Square. In this case, the incident broke linden bench. Regretted the wind and one of the blue spruce planted on the edge of the park along Lenin Street.

The water level in Vitba rose and flooded the river again gateway under a pedestrian bridge at the mouth. This, however, is not surprising, because during a downpour in the river turned many streets of Vitebsk.

Syarzhuk Serabro

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