Locusts threaten crops in the central districts of Yakutia

Locust larvae, which began mass hatch from eggs in the fields in the central districts of Yakutia, can cause serious damage to agriculture, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, a representative of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic.

According to the source, the high number of locusts mentioned in Megino-Kangalassky, Churapcha, Ust-Aldan and Tattinsky Yakutia.

"Of the surveyed 33 thousand hectares of fields, where farmers planted seedlings, more than 16 thousand hectares were inhabited by locusts and larvae, which is above the threshold of 3.3 hectares," — said the representative of the Ministry.

He explained that the rains in early summer and the cool temperatures hindered the mass yield and larval development. Mass flow rate of the larvae started at 5-9 days later multiyear data — for 10-15 June.

"Mass okrylenie and mating locusts are expected in late June and early July," — he added.

According to him, farmers with the support of local authorities have developed methods of locust control. Activities include complex agricultural and chemical work — feeding plants with chemical fertilizers, harrowing places locust egg laying.

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