Lukashenko said that the attack revealed: We are looking for partners and customers

Alexander Lukashenko held an emergency meeting on the explosion in the subway.

"Today is a 5-morning the crime was solved. It took police and security officers night to yesterday at 9 pm to flawless operation and without the noise and chatter delay performers. Today, the 5th morning they gave their testimony, "- said Lukashenko.

Lukashenko said that Artists detained in Minsk subway bombing confessed to the bombings on Republic Day July 3, 2008, and earlier in Vitebsk"The detainees confessed not only in the commission of terrorist attack in the subway. On their conscience terrorist attacks committed in Independence Day, and earlier in Vitebsk ".

"Those responsible must suffer the most severe punishment."

Alexander Lukashenko instructed to interrogate some opposition politicians due to their statements relating to the terrorist attack in Minsk subway: "We need to investigate all allegations of policy makers, who have accused who are not lazy." "We are now looking for partners and customers may be, these so-called politicians from the fifth column we will disclose card and tell who is ordered? Maybe somebody from the authorities? All question! In criminal cases of all to attract and question, not looking at what kind of democracy and the howling and moaning of foreign sufferers "

Lukashenko demanded: "All the draw and question, no matter what kind of democracy, moaning howl of foreign guardians. Submissions were."

"It got to the blasphemy: we have a tragedy, and our so-called" European partners "in Strasbourg talk about some of the human rights. And our home-grown — the fifth column — call for sanctions to enter. Dances on the bones. At least waited until the mourning period is over. "

According to Lukashenko, "it does not apply to all opposition."

"The opposition can and should exist in the state, but the fifth column in the country will not."

"All this talk, democratization, which is imposed on us, has nothing to do with the true democracy that should be there in the country. The most rigid order and arganizavanasts — is the basis of our survival and our nation is ready for this. People in Belarus are ready to behave as it should. "

The heads of security agencies, "Those who has unregistered weapons, explosives, black or white diggers — all in jail!"

"The only way we can avoid further terrorist attacks in the future."

Lukashenko has ordered the defense minister for two weeks to complete an audit of arms and ammunition depots, "How do I report to security officers, detectives, asked some dorms soldiers: which just is not there. Well, clearly rats, but there and ammunition, and explosives and ammunition. I demand to restore order. "

Minister of Health, Lukashenko said, "You have to save the wounded."

Lukashenko ordered the Minsk City Executive Committee as soon as possible to restore the transport and especially the metro. "We need to Metro earned today."

"Develop a system of security measures equal, that will prevent this in the future. "

Lukashenko demanded to stop any rumors and panic

"Any panic, including about the food, the currency must be stopped. For spreading slanders those guilty will be criminally liable. "

Lukashenko said the attempts to create panic in the society, the spread of rumors about the alleged new attacks.

"We have agreed to the fact that these alleged crimes are not only the power but also the military, the police and even the church. I have arranged to find these villains, detain them and question how the real criminals. "

Lukashenko said that such persons have been arrested.

"There is no forgiveness they will not, they create an environment and excite our people."

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