Lukashenko: We greatly crippled the hype with cars

Stir in the foreign exchange market will be held after the increase in customs duties on cars, which will take place on July 1.

This was announced President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko during his working trip to Brest region, Interfax reported.

"Of course, we greatly crippled the hype with cars. We look, there is more than a billion dollars. Were even proposals to introduce this tax now, not waiting to repay this excitement. But it's a blow to the people, why are their people to press. Soak we this, let people buy a car, what kind of want to, replace if necessary. We can not strangle a person because of the currency "- said Lukashenko.

As for people who bring cars from abroad, then to resell them, Lukashenko said:

"This is a business. We can not strangle a person because of the currency. Currency is — go buy, sell. No. currency — from the bins, we will not take any more. Reserves — is sacred, we need to replenish them."

According to Lukashenko, eventually everything will stabilize, "and another will ask Belarusian rubles. "

"They want people to buy — well, what can you do? So I said to the National Bank and the government, which in any case can not step on people. Let people realize their wishes. Chiefs travel by car, maybe they do not, a person need.

It should be comfortable with. Yes, there was some excitement. Now it is much less on the decline. Everything will pass, but people did not show us the claims that we have closed them to buy what they want, "- said head of state.

"The main thing — is to sell more than bring from abroad. Enough to live at the expense of someone."

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