Mackay against the nonsense of the Kremlin

Head of the Presidential Administration of Belarus Vladimir Mackey called absolute nonsense Russian media reports about the alleged imposed on them by the limitations of the Belarusian authorities.

Thus in an interview with BelTA he said to Interfax, which an anonymous source in the Kremlin said that "on the territory of Belarus made regular restrictive measures against the Russian media … The decision of the Belarusian authorities, of course, as previously warned, complicate the lending side of Belarus Russia ".

It should be noted that on May 27, Alexander Lukashenko said the possibility of ending work in Belarus, some foreign media, especially Russian.

Commenting Interfax, Mr Mackay said that

Statements are made in the spirit of outright blackmail.

"It has become a bad tradition from our friends. Once again, an unnamed" source in the Kremlin, "informs — or rather misinform the public about the fact that someone in Belarus does something bad against Russia. A thereafter statements are made in the spirit of outright blackmail. "

"Notice, and the source is hidden behind a mask, and the specific restrictive measures are not called. Because they are not. This is — absolute nonsense," — said Vladimir Mackay.

On He said, in Belarus are distributed freely and work all the Russian media. The only requirement — is the performance of the Belarusian legislation. "On the contrary, given our close relationship we close our eyes? Outright violations of a number of Russian media Belarusian laws, and simply human morality and ethics of journalism. If need be, we can publish the specific facts of some accredited training in Belarus, the Russian media of negative materials about our country on orders from above. And with specific names, "- said the head of the Presidential Administration of Belarus.

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