Man-eating tiger keeps central India at bay

NEW DELHI, Sept. 18 — RIA Novosti, Evgeny Pakhomov. Tiger, who killed, according to official figures, at least one person, and dozens of pets, the disruption of normal life in the villages of central India, said on Sunday IANS news agency citing local authorities.

Came out of the jungle about a month ago, a huge predatory cat killed a woman, more than 30 pets and virtually paralyzed life in dozens of villages in the west of the district in the central state Radzhnandgaon Chhatttisgarh.

Moreover, according to some media reports, casualties may be higher. Tiger attacks continue.

"Fear swept across the wooded area, which stretches along the border with the state of Maharashtra. People do not sleep at night," — said the agency representative of the Ministry of Forestry Vivek Shukla (Vivek Shukla). He noted that many local residents are moving in with relatives, afraid to stay home.

The authorities intend to send to the area where there is a tiger-killer, experts from other states of India, as the local department of forestry specialists are not added Shukla.

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