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Perhaps the most significant contribution to the issue of UFOs over the years was the official study by the U.S. Air Force, the results of which are described in actively discuss reports Condon. The conclusions of this report — you can be sure that those who believe in UFOs not agree with them — say that, although the relatively small number of observations can not be explained and remains a complete mystery, the issue deserves further large-scale studies. Some scientists also do not agree with the report of the Condon and believe that the hypothesis of an extraterrestrial origin of UFOs — the least improbable explanation of the most mysterious cases.

Vitality legends of flying saucers can be explained by different factors. This and many outright falsifications caused by cross-cutting modern society striving for "publicity", known as the first step on the path to wealth and success. This is a purely mercantile considerations, and there is a thriving example of the souvenir and tourist boom town of Roswell. This shaft is constant "evidence" mentally inadequate personalities, which are so many in our world today with its contradictions, tensions and hectic lifestyle. A striking example of this is the old story, which began with the April Fool's English students. One day three of blockheads famous by the drawings of Cambridge University decided perepoloshit public new evidence of an alien invasion cymbal men. Mowing procured somewhere small, they were killed in a friend's farmer in winter rye a simple geometric shape of many-concentric circles.

The following morning the farmer, simper, but it is important to lighten up, asked, stammering with excitement, a reporter for the local rag. Less than a day, as sensational news was picked up by the central British press. And now the owner of "places to visit" lounging at a table laden with gratuitous drink nearby pub, colorfully described to continuously clicks the camera as it "as if something pushed before last night," and went to the window, he saw "flashed over to winter shoots mysterious colorful patches. " Then there was a "high hum like a transformer, and all lit up white flash that made for a moment to close your eyes." Well, when a farmer discovered them, all gone, and only in the sky "circled swiftly away, red, yellow and white lights, well, just like in a police emergency lights …".

We must pay tribute to the endurance creators of crop circles for years with Homeric laughter watching as around their rally grew snowball hypothesis, speculation and "discoveries." Soon they got followers — circles began to appear around the world, like mushrooms after a rain, causing raptures UFO and close "shark pen." Finally came the inevitable disclosure, but the interview with the triple respected scientists, which has become by this time former students, published only a few publications. And "independent UFO experts" immediately raised scream, accusing debunkers of all mortal sins, ranging from fraud to hide the true fact of the visit of aliens and ending a deliberate conspiracy involving the military and government, willfully conceal from the public the real truth about UFOs . The funny thing in this whole story is that after a series of revelatory scandals and other creators were "field patterns", the number of crop circles, as well as comments on them, not decreasing, experiencing only seasonally.

In the midst of sluggish and otherwise exposing a suppressed crop circles Headquarters U.S. Air Force has taken another step to rein in spending, "Cymbalist." Published a report containing a series of declassified projects from 1947 to 1969 to study the circumstances of the occurrence and UFO sightings. The most thorough of these was the program "Blue Book" to be taken from 1952 to 1969. All these years, a special expert group carefully processed more or less credible sightings by military and civilian pilots, including those for ground support operations, with particular focus on qualifications for the radiolocation service (RLS). Objectively analyzing all available information (military saw stories about UFOs seriously, for fear that they may be hiding among the reports of foreign intelligence apparatus such as a U.S. spy plane U-2 was shot down over the Soviet Union), experts from the "Blue Book" arguments declared UFOs have earth nature.

Here we should mention another very mysterious stories, occasionally pop up on the pages of the tabloids. This is the "diskoletah Third Reich." On the mythical and real development of the Third Reich in flying saucers today argue many journalists and observers of military equipment. Indeed, before the war, a number of design offices, including German, designed the original aircraft on a "flying wing" airfoil and the first helicopters. In profile, and at a certain angle of view, the aircraft looked like disks, however, during the Second World War in the design offices Messerschmitt and Heinkel and these drawings appeared diskoletov. Another question — if the Germans managed to achieve any real results?

In the fifties of the last century in the wake of failed ufologists "cymbal" sensations dig in American and British archives several reports of military pilots who reported his command of encounters with UFOs over the territory of Germany. The reports of pilots mentions "lentils", "spindle" and discs of silver, with black tail day and illuminated at night. Because of the fast and high-speed maneuvers to get into these strange UFO machine gun and cannon fire was extremely difficult.

In similar devices (sometimes referred to a certain series of "Honebu"), allegedly "independent experts", to use the original design V. Schauberger — hydrodynamics engineer, who proposed its construction turbojet. Provides "information" and the development of the IV D centers SS obey society "Black Sun", especially secret "flying saucer" "Honebu-2" with absolutely incredible settings. It seems that its specifications clearly taken from a third-fiction novel: the diameter of 26.3 meters, the engine electromagnetoelasticity gravitational tahionator (what it is — UFO better not to ask!) Diameter of 23.1 meters. The management of this monster allegedly carried out by some of the magnetic field pulse generator, which allows to reach speeds of up to twenty-six thousand miles per hour. The duration of the flight, including in outer space could be several days from the crowded crew (two dozen). Mass (!) Production of this fruit feverish imagination was allegedly planned for late 1943 — early 1944.

Sometimes fate is developing complementary anecdote about how the Aryan genius engineers created one subject "cymbal the service", designed for naval aviation. The diameter of the "small plates" was 76 meters, height — 30 meters. She had four turrets, each of which is mounted on the three guns caliber 270 mm. In March of 1945 (!) Is delusional creation flew to Japan with a view to the most current (and other, similar, in agonizing Reich not found) to change their guns on board the Japanese-caliber 450 mm. And of course in motion "plate" drive "the engine of free energy, which is used … practically inexhaustible energy of gravity" …

By war's end, fantasize cymbal enthusiasts, Germany's military industrial complex has nine research enterprises, projects were tested "flying disc." "Eight of these companies, along with scientists and key people were successfully evacuated from Germany. Ninth facility exploded … We have private information that some of these research groups moved to a place called "New Swabia" … Today, it can be complex already decent size. Perhaps there are those large cargo submarines. We believe that the Antarctic was transported at least one (or more) of the company on the development drive. We have information that one had been evacuated to the Amazon, and the other — on the northern coast of Norway, where most of the population are Germans. They were evacuated to a secret underground facility … "- says the American magazine" Galactica. "

In addition to the secret Nazi base in Northern Europe and South America, especially popular with UFO Antarctica. Since there are still vast expanses of the white continent poorly understood, it is easy to write about all sorts of stories. Thus, in the UFO stories can find this story: from 1942, using submarines to the South Pole were sent as slave force thousands of concentration camp prisoners, as well as prominent scientists, pilots, politicians and their families and members of the youth organization of the Hitler Youth as a gene pool for future Aryan Nation "supermen." In addition to the mysterious giant submarines used at least a hundred serial class submarines ocean Raiders, including a top-secret compound "convoy Fuhrer", which consists of three and a half dozen new submarines. At the end of the war in Kiel from these elite submarines have removed all military equipment, and in return the containers loaded with some valuable cargo. Another submarine took on board unknown passengers with bandaged faces and plenty of food. It is believed that they were taken to the Antarctic relics of the Third Reich and Hitler's personal items, as well as the higher ranks of the SS and SD.

Create a database on the icy continent, leaders of the Third Reich began in 1938. First, for the Antarctic research ship was sent. It was on the seaplane took pictures of almost a quarter of the continent and dropped to the ice, metal pendants with a swastika. Germany declared herself the mistress of a vast territory, called New Swabia. Then, to the shores of Antarctica secretly went to Sea Wolf submarine Admiral Karl Doenitz. After the Second World War the fabulous stories that German raiders found in arctic New Swabia system of interconnected caves with warm air. Doenitz allegedly even said, "My divers have found a real paradise on earth. The German submarine fleet is proud to be at the other end of the world has created an impregnable fortress for the Fuhrer. "

To the underground city in Antarctica could easily exist in the Second World War, the German navy would take unprecedented precautions. But history has not preserved the seizure or destruction of civilian courts or military ships near the ice continent.

Since 1939, the systematic development and construction of New Swabia Nazi secret base under the code name base-211. For several years, was shipped to Antarctica, mining equipment and other equipment, including rail roads, trucks and large cutter for tunneling. To supply base-211 used 35 largest submarine from which lifted arms and adapted to deliver the goods. In addition to them, among UFO rumors that German shipyards were able to design and build eight large cargo submarines. All of them were launched and were used only for the delivery of goods to the secret base-211.

In the isolated from the world in an underground Nazi scientists conducted research to create a superman, who was to rule the world, and improvement of weapons that would conquer Earth. Such weapons were diskolety. In some foreign newspapers at the end of XX century there were articles saying that German researchers have found Tibet repository of ancient knowledge. Findings were used to design and create at the end of World War II radically new aircraft in the form of huge diskoletov capable of reaching a speed of 700 kilometers per hour and flew around the world.

The next round of fantastic stories about UFOs and dish drives Third Reich began in late 1946, when an experienced polar explorer Admiral Richard Byrd was allegedly called to lead the research expedition in Antarctica. This mission is called "high jump". Its objective was to study the parts of the ice continent, called Queen Maud Land, or New Swabia. Equipped it, however, was for a peaceful expedition strange. By the shores of the ice continent went: aircraft carrier, 13 ships of various types, 25 planes and helicopters. The expedition consisted of only 25 scientists, but the Marines, soldiers and officers were already 4100! Soon American newspapers published information about what the real purpose of the expedition — the tracing of the Nazi secret base-211.

At first, everything went according to plan, was carried out aerial vast territory, a route of the expedition. And then something happened, what the U.S. government is still silent. March 3, 1947 has just begun an expedition quickly turned and hurried ships headed home. A year later, in May 1948, in the pages of the journal of the European "Brizant" some details have surfaced. It was reported that the expedition encountered alien presence in the ice of Antarctica, and lost one frigate, dozens of people and seaplanes, had to hastily retreat back home. The American press has written about for a long time, "emerges from the water," and attacked the expedition "flying discs", the strange atmospheric phenomena caused by humans Byrd mental disorders. Journalists is an excerpt from his report, allegedly made at a secret meeting of the special commission of the Congress: "The United States must take protective action against the enemy fighters who commit departures from the polar regions. In the case of a new war America can be subject to attack an enemy that has the ability to fly from one pole to another with incredible speed! "

A year later, in May 1948, the same "Brizant" published a sensational article truly. It turns out that the work of the expedition was interrupted because of "fierce opposition of the enemy." The author published the memoirs of combat aircraft crew members faced with the unknown "giant flying saucers."

Ten years have passed, and Admiral Byrd led the new polar expedition, during which died under mysterious circumstances.

After his death appeared in the press information, allegedly taken from the diary of the admiral. They imply that one day during the expedition in 1947 the plane in which he flew on reconnaissance, forced landing strange aircraft, "similar to the British soldier's helmet." Admiral came to the high blue-eyed blonde, who in broken English sent an appeal to the U.S. government to stop nuclear testing. Some sources claim that after the meeting between the Nazi colony in Antarctica and the U.S. government signed an agreement on the exchange of German advanced technology for the U.S. feed.

It was so unbelievable and illogical, that at one time, I, like most readers, once considered the history of the newspaper duck. However, these stories are useful for fiction writers — there are quite appropriate.

Not long ago, strange rumors that the secret base-211 continues to function, were again discussed in the UFO press. A number of researchers believe that the German base in Antarctica is still preserved. Moreover, suggest the existence of an entire underground city there called the New Berlin population of two million people. The main occupation of its inhabitants are genetic engineering and space flight.

In a newspaper article appeared that members of Canadian Antarctic mission during the flyby of Queen Maud Land ice found remains of some of the aircraft and photographed them. In the images could be seen wide crater in the center of which is something like a damaged diskolet. For a detailed study of a special expedition was equipped, but she did not find the slightest trace of the finds, however, before it was a snowstorm that could all traces. So the direct evidence for the existence of the New Berlin, no one has presented, and with high probability all said the game should recognize the sick imagination ufologists.

However, some military experts have assumed that the Soviet Union by captured German scientists developed the technology, far exceeding the U.S.. Therefore, the Air Force concluded that the UFO research must continue until the contrary is proved, that such a possibility is unlikely. Although the Air Force was able to explain most of the UFO sightings by natural phenomena or wrongly identified aviation and there were several hundred UFO reports, the nature of which remains unclear.

Since the sixties of the last century all over the world, a wave of spectacular UFO sightings were widely covered in the press. Political leaders, especially the Congress, under great pressure from voters who demanded an explanation. The congress was organized by a special committee, which has required the Air Force to comment, once and for all solve the problem of UFOs. Then the Air Force signed a contract with the University of Colorado to host the final of UFO research, which should have given this phenomenon is satisfactory from a scientific point of view the explanation. The project was headed by respected physicist Professor Edward Condon, known for its balanced and fair attitude to the most controversial issues of life on other planets and the reality of UFOs. His team, called "Condon Committee", including scientists of different specialties — from the physical chemist to biologists.

Despite the fierce fierce debate, which had been dismissed by several committee members, colleagues Condon continued to work and eventually issued a final report. Finally, signed by Professor Condon said that more than two decades studying the UFO did not bring any new scientific knowledge, and further study of this issue looks maloopravdannym. Certainly ufologists raised fierce cry, accusing authoritative Condon Committee of all sins, including links to the CIA and the military-industrial complex. They claimed that the report does not agree with the learned data, and that this whole thing was a sham from the beginning. Despite the heated debate about the Condon Committee's report, the Air Force was clearly satisfied, and in December 1969, closed the project "Blue Book."

In all study programs UFOs — Project "Blue Book", continuing his "Colorado", and while the Senate Robertson — researchers and attract experts repeatedly made sure that most UFO sightings can be easily explained by secret tests of new aircraft. In recent years, similar conclusions have come even the most die-hard ufologists, tired to answer a very simple question: "Why does the ubiquity of mobile phones with integrated cameras statistics sightings … plummeted?" But the fact that the same phenomenon of unidentified , filmed by dozens of miniature cameras, also in digital format, easily subject to objective analysis, in which no room mystical aliens.

Do the U.S. "extraterrestrial" technology, has long been a matter for thoughtful scholars. If history Roswell crash at something is true, then the answer to this question would have known all the world, and the clouds were hovering to thousands of American dishes, made by "alien" technology in 1947. Sometimes ufologists are trying to object, saying that American scientists simply did not understand the structure generated by a different reason. Can think only complete amateurs who do not know the history of science and technology — for example, the American nuclear super complex and German missile technology were once utilized by Soviet scientists and engineers in a matter of months. Increasingly puzzling UFO cases are easily explained after removing another veil of secrecy. For example, numerous sightings of mysterious UFO as a "boomerang" observed in the eighties — nineties, near New York City, were top secret aircraft of the "Stealth".

Excellent analysis of the long-standing disputes between U.S. scientists and ufologists (dispute continues to this day!) Had a great science fiction Stanislaw Lem in his article "On the" unidentified flying objects "":

If we restrict our chosen theme, which means "unidentified flying objects", then I will list the research programs, research centers made the U.S. Air Force after 1947 (which is the year of the first UFO sightings), to recognize the nature of these phenomena. First study of UFOs was undertaken in the framework of the so-called program "Sign» (Project Sign) in 1948 and, therefore, can not be said that the specialists too long pulled from baseline. Then, in 1949, studies were conducted in the framework of the "ill-will» (Grudge), and the next research program — "Blue Book» (Project Blue Book), is carried out with a considerable expenditure of energy and resources, was completed only in 1969.

For all three programs characterized by the following: the more professional and capabilities designed to investigate the phenomena, the existence of an UFO (weather conditions, landing places, etc.), the less remains questionable or unexplained cases and cases of the more recognized pointless (when the alleged UFO turned out to be something long known, for example, weather balloons, stars, planets, in which observers saw something otherwise, the result of collective illusions or fraud, etc.). There were many UFO researchers (for example, the notorious Donald Kehoe), which simply blamed the U.S. Air Force in the falsification and concealment of evidence for the reality of this phenomenon. These charges were possible as long as under the Ministry of Defense Air Force research centers publish at all documentation research, and only their generalized negative.

At present, however, all of the documents listed above is published, and of these, it is clear that the U.S. Air Force has been known for as long as reported in previous publications, which means that no one tried to conceal from the world public opinion of any secret UFO. Of course, this huge documentation can be countered by the assertion is as insistent, however unfounded, though the USAF still silent on some secrets still hide them (or that the studies were not sufficiently effective or not accurate). However, in my opinion, continue to defend the former opinion — so from an objective point of view, go to the point of fanaticism bordering on paranoia.

Paranoid because, as you know, any facts, even completely innocent and outsiders, says secretly against him. And if I as a party concerned has to decide who is more credible, the participants of all the above research programs of the U.S. Air Force or the self-appointed representatives ufology, I argued in favor of the first — the more confident that there is other evidence of rightness. In addition to the U.S. Air Force UFO problem involved the so-called SETI — a voluntary organization of scientists, mostly Soviet and American, whose purpose is to search for extraterrestrial intelligence (Communicatin with Extraterrestial Intelligence). Scientists, united in SETI — is, of course, first-class minds worldwide, personality much larger than the U.S. Air Force Research personnel.

Nevertheless, among the research groups involved in ufology, I call SETI in the second place, as it did not have even a fraction of the forces and means by which, for obvious reasons, have the Air Force of the United States. And what happened? Conclusions of the scientists involved in this issue as part of SETI, exactly match the results of the U.S. Air Force UFO program: no UFO there. If you can suggest any extraneous motives research groups the U.S. Air Force, then what is the SETI scientists, independent of the U.S. Air Force and any government deny any evidence of the real value of a UFO? For me the answer to this question is quite clear: in such a monstrous conspiracy in such a monstrous unfairness of so many independent from each other research groups, I believe not.

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