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"The World of the unknown," wrote the mysterious ancient maps depicting the Antarctica ice-free. On some old maps were drawn and America that Columbus had yet to discover. Someone a few thousand years ago could even represent the Earth in … projection!

Ufologists believe that here, of course, there were aliens. As if in continuation of our publications on these topics Khabarovsk amateur researcher unknown Alexander West offered us the dossier, which collected quite interesting facts.

If extraterrestrial intelligence is really present in the world, it is not out of idle curiosity. Even in the 70 years of the twentieth century, the candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences VB Neumann argued that automatic UFO extracted from the bowels of the earth ore and rare minerals. He saw mine workings with traces of unknown technology …

It is known that a UFO landing sites is changing the course of time. Researcher Vladimir Kuskov unknown, for example, working with a crystal oscillator, documented it fixed. Moreover, it was found that of the plants on the landing site literally "sucked" potassium, phosphorus and other elements. More recent studies have shown that in all areas of abnormal plants undergo the same changes.

UFO seen by many, but, alas, they are authentic pictures almost there. At the disposal of Russian ufologists only about a dozen original photographs. All other photos are usually skillful hoax. Although there are some pictures in which the object is fixed, and the photographer at the time of filming did not see him.

The fact that the film has a wider range of sensitivity than the human eye. If you can somehow convince him that he supposedly sees something, or conversely, something does not see any film or digital electronic equipment can not be hypnotized! Because UFO — want someone to or not — is an objective reality.

"Messages that 20-30 years ago we were thrown into the basket like crazy, today is quite understandable from the point of laser, nano-and biotechnology, virtual reality — says chief engineer Space Mission Control Center (MCC) LS Celina. — If once the reports of "space movies" that show the UFO people "in the open field," were seen as fiction or hallucinations, but now it can do and terrestrial laser technology. "

She believes that a UFO in the most general terms — is flying object class earth — water — air — space, using the principle of non-reactive movements. And there is even an original theory that these ships are not going to, and … grown. As, say, tomatoes or cucumbers. And some ufologists believe the pilots and passengers UFO aliens, others see them as inhabitants of parallel universes, and others — representatives of some mysterious human civilization that does not want to contact us, and the fourth are confident that this human-beings, who have mastered the underwater world …

HP itself Virgin closer cosmic version of the origin of UFOs. She has reason to believe that they have carefully studied the nature of man. "Some of the photos are visible specific tags that can not be explained by defects photographs, — she said. — Sometimes these labels are anthropomorphic shape, but most of it is not accessible to our view of the structure in the form of balls, bands or shapeless spots — some sensors. Mostly they appear in the presence of the people involved in the UFO problem. question: to what end? In my opinion, the most likely target of control — patronage. "

One can recall that the American ufologist John Keel says that the intention is clearly unfriendly hosts UFO, and leads many of the relevant facts. Russian Orthodox Church warns against any contact with the UFO.

Indeed, there are cases of contacts in which people have an unusual state of consciousness. Therefore it is better not to experiment with the unknown, to preserve the purity of their intentions. This, as noted by many ufologists, — the best protection against any adverse effects of such contacts.

UFO study us. We are studying UFOs. This phenomenon is a good stimulus for the development of scientific thought, and already known to some technological advances humans made by UFO sightings and even contact them.

And the fact that the ancient maps were made from the air, the researchers have no doubt. Perhaps this is not necessarily the aliens did. Maybe they just helped a person to see the world from a height? But the fact that these cards are involved UFOs, UFOlogy simply believe.


"Pacific Star", Khabarovsk, n128

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