Mara — The Snow Queen. November 25 Day of the Goddess madder

Happy, Happy Mary! Mara-Mother — Winter Lady, Night Hostess.

So let's talk a little bit about this great goddess.

The Russian land entered Marin.

The Russian land entered Marin.

Our ancestors, not being able to get "scientific" forecasts from meteorologists (which still lie constantly), have mastered the art to predict future weather changes on the whole system of different signs, which take into account the behavior of animals, and the color of the sky, and ancient beliefs. November 25 is the day madder — the symbol of death, winter and darkness.

In the mythology of any people associated with the seasons of a year, spring is always symbolized life, youth and the light, and winter — old age, death and darkness. Slavic goddess of death Marin, a special version of the name — Tucson, has a much more ancient origin. Legends about Maren back to praariyskim myths from which it was transferred to the myths of Germanic tribes, as well as Scandinavian, Celtic and others.

November — month special: by calendar dates in the fall, and the weather — a real winter (because in a good snowfall in early October, and not as it is now) — and it is in the national calendar in November and winter comes. Only recently was a costumed Halloween or All Saints Day, which is organically "superimposed" on Celtic Samhain, symbolizing the return of winter — a time when dark forces hostile to man regain power over the world, making people huddle to homes and warm, light room, scaring guests of the darkness laughter and loud talk.

The Slavs in this crucial day was November 25, the day that is venerated madder (aka Moran Morena, Marjane, margins, etc.). It was believed that this day is always atrocious weather — rain, snow, wind. On this day, it was forbidden to do any praise and sacrifice to the gods, because they were brought involuntarily to Marin.

To combat the winter cold and death, people had only one means — fire. Just light a flame could deter all hostile forces of nature to man, which always seemed unkind people manage someone will. After all winter with its frost and hunger every year took away many lives of those who were weak — the sick, old, young …

And so, to somehow protect themselves from madder and show her that she was not afraid to intimidate, to drive away, the Slavs were going to the world and going to the most perilous place — swamps. After all, just as it was believed that the forest swamps breed evil spirits, belonging to the retinue of the dark god.

At the swamp brought glowing firebrands and extinguished them in Yelan (unfrozen bog) to symbolically "repel" the goddess of winter cold and death. After all, before there were long nights and short days without the sun, from the most ancient times perceived to be all dark forces and other people.

But in the winter, cold world madder power of the sun is negligible, it can do nothing to help people — only occasionally showed them to remind you that somewhere far goes a long journey spring, which will return and drive away the old witch's death. And then the straw man madder dragged the outskirts and burned at the stake hot gay Carnival, all those who waited, the fracture of a brighter future.

I was madder several faces: a tall, handsome woman with her long hair, an ugly old woman, a young girl. It could be worn or tattered black rags, or in luxurious white robes, but always brought only one thing — death.

Incarnations in this dark goddess also had a few — for example, plague maiden, Mara, and other black female deities personified disease, obsession and death. However, in Russian folk tales into a beautiful Marin Maria Morevna, captive Kashchei that knight to steal and bring to people.

After Marin, like many deities, was only the dark side of the mysterious goddess, which dates back all the female deities praindoevropeyskoy mythology. And if Mary Morevna winter was cold and wicked men, it is in the spring, renewing the life cycle, which is in its second incarnation — the goddess of spring and youth, a beautiful young girl carrying a light and love. And all the stories and ended a victory over the forces of the prince of darkness and his marriage with the beautiful Mary Morevna.

November 25 Day of madder

Since you Goy ESI MARA-mother
MARA-mother in the night hostess
Actions with a starting your day of conception
Day of conception Evenings VSTRETITI
Evenings in the night VSTRETITI PRIVETITI
GOOD BUT NOT be scattered SBIRATI!
Goy! Chern mother! Goy-MA!

In Slavic mythology, November 25 Day madder.
Mara Morena — a powerful and terrible deity, the Goddess of Winter and Death, his wife and daughter Koschei Okay, sister alive and Leli.Imya Moran (Morena) really cognate words such as "sea", "wraith", "dark", "mirage "," fool "," death. "

Legends tell how Moran, the evil minions, every morning, trying to watch for, and to destroy the sun, but every once in horror gives way to his radiant power and beauty.
Her characters — Black Moon, piles of broken skulls and sickle, which she cuts the thread of life.
Moraine possession, according to ancient tales, are the black currant River separating reality and Nav through which spanned Kalinov Bridge, guarded three-headed serpent …
In contrast Givet and Yarily, Marin embodies the triumph of Mary — "dead water" (Will to Death), that is, forces opposing life-creating solar Yari. But death, given to Marin, is not a complete interruption of Currents of Life itself, and — only a transition to another life, a new beginning, for all that is necessary Rod Almighty that after the winter, taking with them all obsolete, there comes a new Spring …
Set premerzkaya weather: rain, snow, cold wind, sleet. Intonation is silent on any slavleny not kindles fire, nor sacrifice required. Obavnitsa declares, "And neither Mara nor Moroka smiemo not glorify."
After that, people, to show that it is not afraid of the madder, go to the swamp where extinguish burning firebrands in the swamp Yelan (unfrozen Marsh).
Ritual meal that day includes pudding, pancakes, carrots, turnips.

Mara - The Snow Queen.


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