Marines test promising combat gear

Marines test promising combat gear
TSAMTO, April 12. On the basis of the intelligence division of the Pskov Airborne Assault compound Airborne Troops (VDV) conducted tests promising army combat equipment «Warrior», said the press service of the Office of disk imaging and Defense Ministry.

Testing of promising sector Airborne combat equipment is held in military criteria in March 2013 and aims to study the effectiveness of its constituent parts in relation to the specific action airborne (air assault), and special reconnaissance airborne units.

Marines test «Warrior» in the field criteria (on field outputs), in the course of the company tactical exercises, including practical landing personnel with elements of modern equipment of aircraft and helicopters military transport aircraft.

In relation to major combat specialties Airborne tested different sets of modern equipment created for the driver, gunner airborne combat vehicle, scout, sniper, arrow, etc. In particular, tested the ability of its subsystems integration with automatic control system «Flight-K «at the tactical level.

«Warrior» — a brand new Russian military equipment military uniting inside modern firearms, effective protection against different sets of reasons affecting the battlefield reconnaissance, communications and navigation (about 10 different subsystems).

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