Mariupol terrorize wolves, utilities, and hunters are powerless

Two wolf kept at bay dozens of Mariupol

Two wolf kept at bay dozens Mariupol. Public utilities could not euthanize them, and hunters to shoot in the city law allows.
Two wolf live among high-rise buildings in Mariupol for about a week, they keep at bay the dozens. With the wolves do anything, no one can.

As reported by the Institute of Steel Construction, located in the immediate vicinity of the Wolf's Lair, the animals lived for two years at a private company, which is engaged in real estate business. A week ago, the animals "moved."

The employees of the utility failed to put down the wolves. Mariupol hunters also could not help because the fire in the city is illegal.

Recall similar situation six months ago in Donetsk. The wolf attacked the goats that graze in the private sector. Mistress and son rescued goats and called MOE and the police. Rescuers quickly realized that the wolf manual. So got him a simple loop.

Wolf was brought to the shelter, where 440 quarantine stray dogs. Not to annoy five hundred dogs in the shelter wolf placed in a separate cage and shielded metal bars.

Animal caretakers say the wolf weighed about sixty pounds, seemed well maintained and manual — no aggression towards people did not show.

Wolf sat in jail a few days and nights of shelter escaped. That day there were also its owners. So the wolves caught again — this time to return to their owners.

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