Medvedev and Komorowski will meet against the backdrop of the diplomatic scandal

SocietyToday, Smolensk, Russia completed the ceremonies on the occasion of the first anniversary of the plane crash of Polish President Lech Kaczynski, which killed 96 members of the Polish elite.

The presidents of Russia and Poland will visit the airfield "North" and the memorial complex "Katyn." Meanwhile Polish President's visit to Russia was marred by scandal involving the replacement of the mismatched Russian side plaque on the site of the crash, which disappeared from the reminder that the Polish delegation was guided to the place of the Soviet genocide against the Poles.

Poles, and especially the representatives of the victims' families, who visited the pilgrimage in Smolensk on April 9 were really disappointed and angered frustrating that a new plaque disappeared mention of the tragic trip to Lech Kaczynski, for them it is fundamentally, as the truth about the Katyn tragedy . Do not like it much, and that it was secretly from the Polish side, without coordination. There were so many emotional statements and assessments. At some point, even thought that this incident could derail Bronislaw Komorowski's visit to Russia, but the Polish president has shown prudence — as expected, it just will not lay flowers to the new signs, and put them somewhere else, for example, a lonely birch that Kaczynski's plane caught in the fall a year ago.

The new memorial plaque on the site of the crash of Lech Kaczynski in Smolensk, which caused a scandal between Warsaw and Moscow.

Smolensk Governor Sergey Antufiev on this occasion said that the decision to replace the plate was made at the request of Russian citizens, as the former was only in Polish, which tried to do a new sign terse and did not expect such a sharp reaction of the Polish side. In his opinion, that the airfield "North" on the site of the crash to mention only its victims, there is no need mention the victims of Katyn, for this is my memorial … The incident at all shows that the process of understanding the Polish-Russian is not rosy.

Smolensk Governor Antufiev (center with a basket of flowers) paid tribute to the victims.

As expected, today the presidents of Poland and Russia will be made new steps to clarify the circumstances of the Polish tragedy and 1940 and 2010.

Shortly before the visit of the Russian side handed Warsaw 119 volumes of cases the victims of Katyn. The investigation is in the last year's tragedy continues, the Russian side is going to complete it in May this year.

Vilnius Poles and Polish truckers had a funeral Mass at the site of the crash Kaczynski.

April 10, exactly one year after the Smolensk tragedy, no official Polish delegation on the site of the crash was not. To the place of the crash laid their flowers and wreaths Smolensk Polish diplomats and government. But it was very sincere remembrance of the victims of the national tragedy of the common people, came a large group of Poles in Vilnius together with the priest, came to the Polish truck drivers who are this time transit were in Smolensk, there were many locals, including Smolensk Polish. Rallies were not, were only prayers and tears. On the anniversary of the disaster in Smolensk were cold, snow and fog.

Trees and bushes on the edge of the forest, over which the plane crashed Kaczynski Knock. Left only those trees whose tops compartment plane seconds before falling.

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