Metal balls from the sky

October 15, 2011 14:52

The press has repeatedly reported on the mysterious metal spheres that catch people in different parts of the world. In 1966, the state of Arkansas (USA), several witnesses watched as one such ball diameter of 28 inches fell from the crystal-clear sky. When the "flyer" raised on a perfectly smooth surface of the ball there was no trace of passage through the atmosphere and do any damage.
Fell to the ground a large metal bowl near Cape Town (South Africa) in April 2000. Remained unknown whether it was a companion piece or something else.

Three lying close to each other metal ball was found in 1963 in the Australian desert. All of them had a diameter of 35 centimeters, each weighed about six pounds. Cover balls were like polished, without joints and damages. Uncover strange objects Australian scientist has failed and the balls went to the USA for a more thorough study.

In 1969, the Argentine researcher A. Schneider demonstrated at a press conference in Buenos Aires, 22-inch metal shar.naydenny in northern Argentina. In the presence of journalists, academic quarter hour unsuccessfully trying to put on its surface at least one score. According to Mr. Schneider is one of four found the balls. The researcher described the attempts to find out what's inside, using the most modern methods, including the impact of ultra-low and ultra-high temperatures. But it was useless.

It seems that the first such discovery, which kept written records, was made in 1802 on svezhevspahannom field near Leiden (Netherlands), The people carried the ball into the famous throughout Europe for the University of Leiden, but thence the scientists could neither explain what this strange object nor determine what material it is made. Subsequently, the ball was stolen by Napoleon's soldiers, and more about his fate is unknown.

Sank into obscurity, and the ball found in the Austro-Hungarian Empire during the First World War. It was a perfectly round metal piece with a diameter of about 12 and a half inches. As usual — a smooth surface, there can be neither cut nor even any deformation of the find. Austrians have decided that it is any secret development Russian founders, created a new superalloy, and passed the ball to study in Germany, followed by his lost.

Age of dinosaurs by millions of years?

Some researchers see the relationship of these objects with an extremely ancient metallic spheres, from time to time to dig up the South African mines, near the town Ottosdal in the Western Transvaal. The age of rock layers, for which the scope is about 2.8 billion years old. Archaeologists who have studied the findings, no doubt their artificial origin. In particular, they write about it in detail M. Cremo and R Thompson in his book, Forbidden Archeology. "

Strange ball, which found more than a hundred South African miners in diameter about 2.5-10 cm in the temporary Precambrian formation, in which they were discovered, did not exist man, but they are traces of artificial treatment, notches and grooves.

Transvaal diameter balls — from one to 10 centimeters. Some of them have an egg shape. In diameter are many parallel grooves. Some balls — metal, others — are hollow, with fiber inside.

Rarities from Ottosdalya can be seen in the museum of Klerksdorp, next to Johannesburg. By the way, these and other such amazing objects found in deep mines (and not just South African), has been an enormous demand among collectors. Not long ago, a ball of Ottosdalya was sold at auction for 75,000 dollars.

Strange vibration

In 1983, the magazine Vounder told about the results of the study of ancient balls from a museum in Klerksdorp and the ball found recently in the U.S.. The difference between the first and the second was very significant that. apparently debunks the hypothesis of their relationship. -Contemporary-ball. in contrast to the old, was indehiscent. Varied compositions and metal. Surface-American-was made of alloy, which was based on titanium and rare earth metals. Is impossible to build using currently existing technologies.
X-raying of the "modern" world has shown that it is filled with a round object, perhaps too balls. This is reminiscent of the implants — tiny devices, implanted by aliens in human bodies. Some of these devices also have similar properties.

A metal sphere 22 inches in diameter, was found in a burial chapel for the 18th century. His appointment has not yet been elucidated.

And another similarity between the implants and the world — vibration. During observations of the object found in the United States he had four times * revived * — takes subtly vibrate and slowly turn around its axis, and once even moved in an arc. This effect gradually subsided, lasted 12 minutes.

Ball … headache

In 1987, the editor of a Moscow newspaper received a letter from a resident of the Sverdlovsk region Pyotr N., in which he reported on an unusual discovery. In 1975, his wife found in the metal ball. Its diameter is about 19-20 centimeters, he was smooth polished — no seams, no scratches. It weighed just over three pounds. Area have fairly dull, and it was impossible to imagine that anyone here specifically brought and left it a miracle. The couple had no doubt that the ball is dropped from a certain plane flies.

Beautiful little thing they have left at home. After some time noticed that the ball sometimes begins dully. Hum ", especially if you include the loud music. But even then, it and it never occurred to announce their findings. The ball was moved to the quietest place in the house — a room mother in law. It was she who identified him-tselitelsnie "properties. Ball shooting pains in her head and back, and if longer cling to the subject of the forehead or temple, I feel a surge of energy and enlightenment in the brain. " Later, however, a period of "dullness", as it is a drug addict. But this period was short, and-loading "of the ball is not addictive, moreover, it does not always.
Peter writes that the mother-in-law has adapted to treat-ball neighbors and friends. Many people helped. And no one believed that treats the ball. All felt that the healing power of mother-in-law has. Charging for-treatment-it is basically refused. In the courtyard of their house since then constantly crowds, to the dismay of the home and Peter. Finally, he asked, what is the ball and where he could take.

However, prior to publication in a newspaper is not reached: the letter and removed again in the editorial copy withdrawn from people, the competent authorities. " Clearly, the security officers have gone to the address indicated in the letter, and found himself Peter N., and his amazing discovery. She, of course, was confiscated.

There is little doubt that the mysterious balls should be held in a department-ufologists. In their archives there is evidence of UFO observations of globular small size (up to the size of a tennis ball). Perhaps these objects are remote-controlled reconnaissance probes. Admittedly, some of them sometimes fail and fall to the ground, where they were picked up earthlings.
It is also possible that these probes, even in poor condition, continue to maintain contact with their creators, and those after them (and implanted in a human implants) are secret surveillance of the population of the planet.

As for science, it considers the balls natural formations. However, does not really explain how they could have been formed.


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