Mexico found fragments of a meteorite that had killed the dinosaurs




Mexican scientists who study Chikskulub crater, discovered in the Yucatan meteorite fragments. Perhaps this discovery confirms the theory that the disappearance of the dinosaurs was caused by the fall of a giant meteorite about 65 million years ago.

Studies of Mexican and American scientists showed that the fragments contained in the so-called cosmic elements. Work in the area of falling solids with a diameter of about 12 km was started 10 years ago in collaboration with scientists from the U.S., Germany and France. At this stage, eight wells were drilled to a depth of 1.5 sq m, of which gradually recovered rock samples of different layers that filled the crater millions of years. Carefully sifting the material of one of the wells, the scientists immediately noticed a couple of solid fragments that differ significantly in iron. This may reflect the fact that these findings — the pieces of the cosmic body that is exposed to extremely high temperatures while in the dense layers of the atmosphere.

The crater in the Yucatan is the only one of its kind. It is characterized by huge size and its appearance coincides with the disappearance of the dinosaurs. However, these recesses exist in Africa, and Canada, but they are millions of years older than Chikskuluba. In addition, the Mexican crater is well preserved because of its position on a stable tectonic platform. According to scientists, the effect of a meteorite impact was like an explosion 5,000,000 atomic bombs, which caused powerful earthquakes and giant waves in the ocean. Giant clouds of dust enveloped the planet for a long time, because of what disturbed photosynthesis, leading to the death of many species of plants and herbivores death.

Battery News, 02.03.2005 10:00
Source: RTR-Times Online

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