MFA will require a formal investigation into the UN

Publications with reference to UN experts who claim to "a Belarusian mercenaries in Libya", and the media that distribute such statements are not credible, said Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Savinykh.

In this regard, Minister reminiscent of the "allegations in the supply of military helicopters in Ivory Coast, which ended the official pardon officials of Belarus to the United Nations."

The Belarusian side promises to require a formal investigation by the UN in connection with this situation.

Also in the Foreign Ministry of Belarus noted that The Republic of Belarus UN sees as a key instrument of constructive cooperation between states in the interests of peace and sustainable development.

"Underhand manipulation of social thought under the guise of the UN's authority, unacceptable," — said the Foreign Ministry of Belarus.

Some media cited a statement by the UN Working Group on naymitstva. It is reported that in the army of Libya's leader Muammar Gaddafi are natives of Belarus.

According to UN experts, "there is ample evidence that Gaddafi is using several hundred foreign mercenaries, mostly from Africa and Belarus." In an interview with AP head of the UN Working Group Jose Luis Gomes del Prado said that mainly use the sniper in including of private security agencies.


Libya's Foreign Minister

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