Migratory birds disgrace physicists

Recently, German scientists have found that the power of the birds that can not be for many years to do all the great physicists of the world. No, we're not talking about the flight. Birds, it turns out, can be long enough to hold their electrons photoreceptors in the state of the quantum entanglement. And this ability allows them to see the lines of the magnetic field of the Earth.

Migratory birds disgrace physicists

So far, science knew only one animal that can act in accordance with the laws of quantum mechanics — and then, frankly, it was fictional. I think you will immediately realize that this is a long-suffering cat Schrödinger, who for more than half a century and the dead and alive at the same time. Eminent Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger came up with this fun experiment with the cat back in 1935 — and, fortunately, since no one realized it in practice.

Here is how the experiment the scientist: "A certain cat locked up in a steel chamber, along with the following infernal machine (which should be protected from direct intervention by the cat): in a Geiger counter there is a tiny amount of radioactive substance, so small, that one hour can break only one atom, but just as likely may not fall apart, but if it happens, the read pipe discharges and relay, we go down the hammer that breaks a flask of hydrocyanic acid.

If the time to provide all the system itself, we can say that the cat is alive after this time, since the collapse of the atom does not happen. The first atomic decay would have poisoned the cat. Psi-function (ie, the wave function describing the state of a particle at a given time. — Ed.) Of the whole system would express this by mixing or smearing a live and dead cat (pardon the expression) in equal shares. "

When this experiment, it turns out that as long as the observer does not open the lid, he can not say for sure is that poor cat is alive or dead. That is, we have to admit that before the opening of the camera as if the cat is alive and dead at the same time. It should be noted that Erwin Schrodinger came up with this experiment is not to torment the cat (he liked cats), but in order to demonstrate the impossibility of describing all the states of the particles at once at a time — in order to describe a single state, to sacrifice a description of the other (that is, open the camera.)

However, scientists have long believed that the characteristics of the interaction of particles described by quantum mechanics, just to feel the living beings can not. Still, these interactions are typical for very small objects — compared to them even a tiny virus show real giant. And all the animals, plants and other inhabitants of the world experiencing the only interactions of material objects, described by classical Newtonian physics.
Recently, however, the German scientists have proven that it is not. Professor Zachary Walters from the Institute of Physics of Complex Systems at the Max Planck Society (Germany) and his colleagues argue that the birds are able to perceive quantum particle interaction. And, moreover, it is vital to them — otherwise they would not be able to navigate on long flights.

It is interesting that every time the approach of autumn and, therefore, the time of bird flight, scientists revert back to the same question — how they are oriented in space, overcoming great distances? Two years ago, a joint study of American and German biophysicists have shown that birds travelers can see the lines of the magnetic field of the Earth. Accordingly, focusing on the slope, they know on what exactly are the latitude (because this is the slope depends on this latitude).
But still, how birds can see them? At this point expressed different hypotheses, but none of them has been accepted unconditionally — always something that breaks the coherent picture of theoretical constructs. Therefore the search continued, and during that time was presented many versions, some of which are striking in their originality.

That really is the explanation of Walters. Scientists believe that all matter is in a state of quantum entanglement (the fact that it is, read the article "Scientists on the picosecond" confused "diamond") characteristic of the electron pair of bird eye photoreceptor molecule. The fact that the light interacts with the very photosensitive receptors in the eye of birds results in two molecules with unpaired electrons. And what is interesting — these electrons back interconnected quantum entanglement.
At the same time, have long known that if the relative position of the spin is influenced by the earth's magnetic field, this pair of unpaired electrons can cause chemical changes in the bird's eye. And these changes the bird can feel, that is, see the above lines. The difficulty was only in the fact that for a long time, scientists believed that the feathered travelers will be able to do this only when the state of quantum entanglement lasts at least 100 microseconds. A similar time frame has not yet been able to achieve in any physical laboratory in the world (because the survey showed Oxford physicist, carried out in 2009.) So far, usually the time to maintain this condition is measured in a few picoseconds.

However, researchers from the group of Walters found that the cells of birds eye fluid can increase the time interval as the most necessary one hundred microseconds. Researchers constructed a model showed that the interaction between the cells of the eye fluid and a pair of electrons photoreceptor molecules helps recent stay in a confused state for a long time with a damped oscillation.

Scientists have illustrated this with an example, which is known to many car enthusiasts: we know that a car with springs can stretch blow suspension on uneven roads, alleviating it, extending several motions. Acting on the same principle, the signal from a pair of electrons interacting with the elements of a living cell, fades gradually, and small variations are (tens of microseconds) in the cell even after she quantum entanglement above pair have long (on quantum standards) ended.
So, Walters and his colleagues argue that it is the ability to maintain long enough unpaired electrons photoreceptors in a confused state and leads to the fact that the birds can see the lines of the magnetic field. Most likely, not only they — perhaps internal compass of many insects, migratory fish, and even some mammals also works on the same principle. True, Zachary Walters stresses that all this is only a hypothesis based solely on modeling. Without a doubt, it needs to be checked experimentally.
However, if the hypothesis of Walters is confirmed, we once again have to remove the front of our feathered friends hat. Because they are every day from easily doing a fact that still can not afford any physics of our planet …

Anton Evseev

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