Million for Bigfoot

In Russia, Kuzbass, a new holiday. From now on November 11 — the opening day of the ski season in the Mountain Shoria — we will celebrate the snowman. And try to catch him, of course! Anyone who finds the Yeti and bring it to the administration of the Kemerovo region governor Tuleyev promised to pay one million rubles! I must say, is risking Tuleyev: Bigfoot in the Kemerovo region in the last time they see now and then. But especially meeting with the yeti are taking place in the Mountain Shoreyand.


The famous boxer arrived in Mountain Shoria in order to find the yeti


Hominology specialists suggest that a population of yetis are greatly increased after a forest fire in 2010. Snow people migrated from the Altai Mountains and settled in the land where the population density of 5 per square meter. But even here the spirit of the taiga — tagezi, as they call Yeti Shors — no rest. Not a day — in the forest guest hunters, then hominology, officials, and even Nikolai Valuev.

The famous boxer arrived in Mountain Shoria in order to find Bigfoot. September 15th expedition under his leadership, went to the famous Azasskuyu cave. There, according to scientists, and lives tagezi. Proof — prints a huge following and … the lack of insects. Near the cave there is no flies, no flies or gnats — and it is in the forest! The thing Yeti: he publishes special smell scares mosquitoes. And the other "markers" outstanding presence Bigfoot, neighborhood by the thousand: broken, twisted trees here and there. Once hunters stumbled even in "real tent": tagezi flexed 14 young trees so that together they form a dome, and pelted the building from the top branches, so that it does not leak. Man, this problem is not the power of trees, though young, all tall and strong, and their not that bend, tilt — the problem. Clear — Bigfoot tried. In Azasskoy cave even the camcorder with night vision function. But the Yeti proved trickier: the camera is not fixed anything even remotely resembling a snowman.

Not hurt a fly!

Local say that tagezi communicate with each other telepathically. A human presence is felt for many miles, and carefully avoid people. But struggling to find the last meeting with the yeti, and this persistence was observed long before the Aman Tuleyev promised to fork out. Hunters Mountain Shoria sure tagezi brings good luck — that's trying to catch his eye. True, on a date with her snowman hunters try to keep quiet: otherwise not see the hunting of happiness.

Here the yeti is not afraid — no one doubts that Bigfoot — being exceptional kindness and intelligence: he even offend people will not even think. Snow people, according to local residents, generally a very peaceful, and besides, mainly vegetarian. The meat is in their diet, but they need it much less bears and even humans. However, in the past year, the administration of the Kemerovo region seriously worried, "Forest fires have forced people to migrate to the snowy Altai in Kuzbass. Yeti fight with bears and people steal pets. In the village of Ust-Kabyrza committed theft of sheep and chickens. In interspecific competition Yeti Bears win! There is a risk that the bears do not walk up fat and will fall to sleep, but the taiga residents will have to fend off hordes of hungry bears. " The bears have been protected and safely passed the winter. A Yeti, though, and were a cause of concern, have become something of an unofficial symbol of the Kuzbass. In any case, the decoy for tourists accurately.


Rarely does a day in the Kemerovo press is not a new message to the snowman. That was seen in the forest — a large and hairy, then saved a drowning in the river — the mighty and roaring, we discovered new tracks — a huge, fresh. Witnesses — Prorva if they believe, in the lives of the local taiga huge family, consisting of at least 30 yeti! But catch Bigfoot while no one can. That's Nikolai Valuev out of luck: accompanied by administration officials, surrounded by a crowd of journalists, he arrived at the same Azasskuyu cave. But not happen to him. It did not help shamanistic rituals. His trophy — only a trace of the Yeti: a bare foot print, besides smaller than that of the Valuev. Boxer was generally larger than Bigfoot: estimated hominology, bigfoot reach 2 meters tall, that is, they are below 15 cm Valuev So Bigfoot can understand: he's probably just scared …

Anyone who finds the Yeti and bring it to the administration of the Kemerovo region governor Tuleyev promised to pay one million rubles

If it is serious, it's a good thing that Bigfoot could not be found: and intrigue remains, and the relic hominid so peaceful. Especially, in order to celebrate the Day of Bigfoot, Yeti itself is not very much and want. No one, and so has no doubt that it exists. In any case, in the Kemerovo region.
But even if there is no — not a problem! And certainly not a reason to give up the holiday ski season opening. So all is well: and skiers who have a new mascot, and the tourists who still have a chance to see the eyes of the living bigfoot, yeti, and most successfully hiding in the forest … Kemerovo

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