Mini Executive repairers


Constructors Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant developed a self-propelled repair module of T-0, 2.1000, intended for mechanization of repair work. The machine is based on a small tractor "Uralets" and is equipped with a crane, welder and various hydraulic tools. As a result, repairers have an assistant, performance and driving force comparable to much larger units, but much smaller and lighter, which would allow its use in cramped aisles process, ie where there will be no large-size equipment.

In the base machine is equipped with 12-horsepower diesel domestic B24 8,2 / 7,8 air cooling, but on request can be installed on the machine imported 16-horsepower diesel Lister-Patter LPW 2 or 11.8-hp diesel Vengard-16, also with air cooling.

The machine can work on tracks and on wheels, with the removal of tape does not require much effort and skill. Hydraulic repair module is designed to meet the requirements of potential buyers. It has two independent circuits. First, to transducer pressure hydraulic tool allows you to connect the static and the dynamic effect: welding machine, presses, pullers and other equipment. The second circuit hydraulic system provides the crane's lifting capacity up to 250 kg, the management of which is made with its own remote control.

The new machine has an excellent working environment, created for the operator. The spacious cabin with panoramic windows, and extended heating elements that prevent them misting, located upholstered seat heating. Placing the brake and clutch pedals, levers and steering column made after the complex of works on workplace ergonomics.

For more efficient use of the machine provides step size adjustment gauge, which can range from 945 to 1125 mm.

To change direction, as tracked and wheeled applied to the steering wheel acting on a steering mechanism including drive control friction clutches.

The transmission unit consists of distributing gear with the clutch, 5-speed manual transmission, final drive and two steering clutch with the brakes.

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