Minsk city executive committee immediately finds out how many firms currency on accounts

Minsk city authorities have asked the major exporters of capital exchange information on the state of their accounts. An invitation letter was sent on April 7 administrations of the city.

An invitation letter was sent on April 7th district administrations of Minsk. BelaPAN has a copy of the letter sent to the administration of the Soviet district marked "urgent." Enterprises had provide information to 17:00 on April 7.

In the management of the administration of the Soviet economy district of Minsk stated that "the letter sent to a major exporter to fulfill orders Minsk Mayor Nikolai Ladutko." In this case, administration officials said he did not know the purpose of the assignment. "But that does not mean that they are obliged to provide such information. Some send their answer, and some refuse," — the official said.

Get kamentary in Minsk City Executive Committee on this issue so far failed.

In the management to the National Bank said that they did not know the reasons for the order of the city authorities. In response to the question, whether it be due to the possible increase in the rate of compulsory sale of foreign currency earnings (currently it is 30%), the National Bank was reminded of a moratorium on decision-making in the foreign exchange market.

According to one of the experts of the banking sector may guide Minsk city executive committee develops a mechanism of redistribution of exchange between enterprises. As is well known, due to the unstable situation in the foreign exchange market and the multiplicity of exchange rates largest exporting companies in no hurry to sell the currency even in the interbank market, where the U.S. dollar than the official by 10-30%. Thus, company-importers are faced with a problem when they can not meet their needs in foreign currency.

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