Minsk terrorist attack — the destruction of the image of Belarus

Politicians sympathy to the families of victims of the Minsk terrorist attack on April 11, resent the cynicism of the organizers and performers, authorities have warned against repeating the experience of 2008, when an explosion at the Republic Day in Minsk massively detained members of the opposition, and the perpetrators have not been found.

An activist of the United Civil Party Alexander Sergienko In 2008, shortly after the explosion on July 4 in Minsk detained a group of KGB capture as one of the suspects.

Intelligence agencies have acted rudely broke down the door and arrested, seized various nuts and paint, says Alexander. For several days he had been in prison for more than two months was considered a suspect in the case. Later, in front of him did not even apologize. Prove his innocence during the investigation it was not possible, before the oppressive system of defenseless people in Belarus, says Mr. Sergienko. He did not rule out that after the new attack power will repeat this scenario:

"On the one hand it seems that they will actually seek out those who did, and if not found, then why not a preventive measure "search" of all the known figures? I do not know, maybe it will come to me. March 25 to come here. "

Alexander ruefully joked that he was now in a cast, broken leg, and gypsum can in this case be regarded as an alibi.

A retired police general Mieczyslaw Mushroom says that he agrees with the thesis of Alexander Lukashenko on what to look for those who profit from Minsk terrorist attack. But the rush to such conclusions, he does not recommend.

Mieczyslaw fungus does not rule out that the government, as in 2008, the attack can be used to hunt opponents of the regime:

"If our government is all possible, but these opponents can already be counted on the fingers. All in jails or under house arrest. But maybe that will put pressure on the top of the lower classes, and they will try to do something, anything to show, to report every day of what has been done. And in such a hurry I do not rule out errors. The investigative work requires accuracy and reasonableness. "

The leader of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko, which remains in the status of the accused on charges of rioting, called on the authorities to include in the investigation team of foreign experts:

"Only then will the credibility of these investigations. The government has a huge temptation, despite who is behind this terrorist act. If this priority was the economy, social issues that have people were associated with greater distrust of government, now through television, through propaganda come to the fore stability, security and order. In the case of Belarus, it may mean that we have to sacrifice their rights. "

Liabedzka not preclude any action in relation to the opposition.

"I would have been wholly alibi if I was still in the" American girl "… And so the situation could be repeated in 2008. "

Anatoly Lebedko said the explosion destroyed the serene image of Belarus.

Ex-presidential candidate Victor Tereshchenko with his wife and his former colleagues from the campaign staff laid flowers at the entrance to the metro station "October" in Minsk.

"This is a tragedy, it is a crime, organized by the Belarusian people. In place of the dead and injured could be one of us, "- said Mr. Tereshchenko" Freedom. "

In whose interest it was committed, one can only guess, he says.

"Of course, this is to diminish the authority of the Republic of Belarus. This is evidence of a certain instability, not only in matters of the economy, but also the protection of public order. This destabilization … I'd love to this time have been found are not people who organized it all, and have been brought to justice, and not as it was after the July 3. We need to know who did. But that is no reason to take fingerprints and again "peratrahvats" opposition. "

Former KGB officer Valery Kostka calls not to jump to conclusions about who is behind the Minsk terrorist attack:

"We need time to determine against whom was directed blast. Now, the emotions, you can not draw any conclusions. Yes, this explosion had certain goals, but we will understand later, when we see what the reaction would be, as the government will act, who will take responsibility or not. We need to understand what were the goals and motives of the organizers. This can be understood if there will be any changes have consequences. And these consequences will be judged, who was interested in them. "

In any case, the opposition here, according to Valery Kostka, was not close, foreign intelligence services, too.

"This is something internal, and what it is, we still understand."

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