Mobile phones will monitor air pollution

Mobile phones will monitor air pollutionIt is known that pollution is a major cause of the increasing number of diseases — asthma, allergies, etc. Today, many large companies are increasingly focusing on the theme of ecology. As part of these initiatives was the founder of Intel Labs project West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project, which will supply high-tech in the service environment

As part of the project, the "mobile monitoring station for air", which takes samples of air samples and evaluates the degree of pollution.

And as a "wrapper" for such sensors are mobile phones.

Acts more as follows: at the user embedded sensor analyzes the composition of the surrounding air and transfers the information to external databases that collect information about the level of pollution in different areas. The second way — environmental monitoring is the time — automatically.

To date, the technology is still under development: Intel is working on a chip with the right capabilities and the ability to fit inside a mobile phone.

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