More than 90 new wildfires occurred in Russia in the night

More than 90 new wildfires with the total area of a few tens of thousands of hectares emerged in Russia in the day, said on Saturday Emergencies Ministry.

"In Russia, there was a 94 day focus on the area of 35.9 thousand hectares, put 117 seats on the area of 28.9 hectares. Currently continue to operate 84 focus on the area of 63.6 thousand hectares (of which 38 major centers in the area 60.5 thousand hectares in the Trans-Baikal region, all on forest land, "- said MOE.

In the MOE assure that threats settlements and economic net.V the same time, according to the agency, in some regions of the country remains difficult flood situation. In particular, in the five towns of the Arkhangelsk region flooded 176 home gardens and in seven socially important facilities, temporarily relocated 39 people.

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