MPs in Tuva, where mine construction, please check the ekonorm

 Head of Tuva Sholban Kara-ool instructed MPs Todzha district of the republic to take under close control in compliance with environmental regulations by the Chinese company "Lunsin" which builds there GOK (GOK), according to the regional authorities.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia fears that the investor can harm the environment. Development company believes that the case for "green" superficial and unfounded.

Power of Tuva and the company "Lunsin" signed in 2009 an agreement on the establishment of public-private partnership. Ltd. "Lunsin," according to the document, agrees to provide 50% of jobs for the population, as well as participate in the financing of infrastructure and socially important facilities. The list will be determined by an additional agreement. Project to construct a mine began in 2009, and in 2010 construction began on the main body of the concentrator.

"The head of Tuva region Todzha instructed MPs to take firm control of the Chinese company" Lunsin ", to create a group of social control," — said the government of the republic.

Kara-ool said he was ready to respond to any warning signs and take action.

WWF Russia reported that after running mine in operation in the Ak-Khem River (a tributary of the Yenisei River) will be reset every 500 cubic meters of untreated industrial and sewage effluent (182.5 thousand tons). This can lead to an increase in intestinal and other infections in people living in the basin of the Yenisei, and a decrease in fish stocks. Environmentalists also point to the fact that in order to reduce damage to the natural environment of the enterprise developer has allocated 164 million rubles, or 4.3% of assets, and this is not enough.

Environmental concerns caused by the lag in the construction of sewage treatment plants in comparison to the construction of the plant.

Deputy General Director of "Lunsin" Alexander Rusanov said that the reasons cited by WWF Russia, superficial and unfounded. He noted that the company's activities are constantly testing different supervisors. In all residential complexes have treatment facilities.

Rusanov expressed doubts about whether they were at the construction site GOK people who accuse the company of damaging nature.

"Frankly, the company is going to meet the country and the conscience to fulfill the agreements," — said the Kara-ool, at a meeting with deputies Todzha district.

Kyzyl-Tashtyg polymetallic deposit is located in the central part of the range Obruchev, 200 kilometers north-east of the capital of the republic — Kyzyl. The Project area — 480.9 hectares. On the area of the field is 47 ore bodies, the carrying amount of ore — 12.920 million tons. Stocks of metal in the ore: Lead — 202.3 thousand tons of copper — 82.3 thousand tons, zinc — 1.295 million tonnes. When the designed capacity of ore mining open pit and underground will be 1 million tonnes per year, an expected field life — 20 years. The total estimated cost of the project is 10 billion rubles.

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