Muammar Gaddafi is looking for approaches to the White House

Society For American observers took an unexpected attempt to Gaddafi to get in touch with Washington. State Department officials have confirmed that they have received a letter from the Muammar Gaddafi, facing the Barack Obama — According to Gaddafi, "our dear son." The letter, which was in the possession of the agency "Associated Press", the author calls on President Obama to stop the NATO air campaign, "unjust war against a small people of a country that is developing," promises to offer prayers for the President and wishes him success in his future election campaign.

A letter written by English uncertain with numerous errors, but in high style. And look at the context of the U.S. debate on the Libyan operation epistolary curiosity, from which the Secretary of State dismissed Hillary Clinton:

— I do not think that there is uncertainty as to what is required from Mr Gaddafi at this time. With this agrees the international community. The faster it complies with the requirements, the faster stop the bloodshed, the better for everyone.

So far attracted little interest and private mission of former congressman Kurt Veldana, who went to Tripoli at the invitation of Gaddafi. Weldon has a long association with the family of Gaddafi, and ideas that are clearly running out of the acceptable range for the United States, making the Libyan crisis. For example, he believes that Gaddafi could be persuaded to give up power, offering him the ceremonial post of head of the African Union. In his article in "The New York Times," Weldon says what you need allow Gaddafi son Seifu stay in power, if he gets enough votes in free elections. After all, in the end, it was Seif persuaded his father to acknowledge responsibility for the bombing of the "Boeing" over Scotland and the explosion of a disco in Berlin. According Veldana, he there is no orders from the White House, his mission is exclusively private — to convince Gaddafi to leave, and he supports the strategy of President Obama.

In the eyes of the powerful browser, "New York Times" Nicholas Kristof, Gaddafi's tactic is clear:

— I do not think there is any serious possibility that Veldan convince him to give up power. All this proves that the Gaddafi family is aware that she is in a desperate situation and is trying to act in different ways, hoping to find a less painful way out. He invites Veldana, he sends a letter to Obama, it sends a representative to London and to the Greeks.

But the search for a fire exit for the Gaddafi family is very complicated by the fact that the Security Council requested the International Criminal Court to consider the actions of Gaddafi and his government for the presence in them of a crime against humanity. If they are found, the status of political exile will not save Gaddafi from the issuance of the court.

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