Muscovites have banned swimming in another recreation area

CPS has forbidden for swimming recreation area "Beach Club" in the north of the capital, bringing the number of recreational areas, where you can swim, was reduced to eight, the website management.

This year, Moscow authorities have identified 11 areas for swimming and recreation 35 beaches where you can relax, but do not swim. In this last week, closed for swimming were only two seating areas.

"In the course conducted by specialists of territorial departments in counties inspection activities and water recreation areas, as with bathing, and without, in general, observed satisfactory and sanitary maintenance areas, rest areas, games and sports, storage sites waste. Complaints poor maintenance of recreation areas for the period from May 30 to July 11 was received, "- said in a statement.

According to the management, conduct laboratory tests of water samples water recreation areas with swimming, water drinking fountains shown their compliance in all recreation areas with swimming, except for recreation, "Troparevo" in the south-west of Moscow — the water in the reservoir to contain excess microbiological and physical-chemical parameters, the "Big Pond" in Zelenograd, where the water also contains excess of physical and chemical characteristics. In addition, the list of banned bathing recreation defined area "Beach Club" in the north of the capital, so as to detect a water reservoir for microbiological parameters.

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