Mysterious Sites in Ukraine. Heck Cape Meganom

November 19, 2011 17:41

Cape Meganom

Cape Meganom can safely be called the most mysterious place on the Crimean Peninsula. And here UFO landing, leaving scorched grass orange ring, and shamans with psychics converge for meditations and rituals of the occult, and the ghosts are found on the Cape, because the ancient Greeks argued that Meganom at the entrance to the realm of the dead and the River Styx through which the old Charon carrying souls to Hades.

At Cape nobody has ever lived for centuries. Now the river is wide and Tatar name is no more than ten meters. Judging by the size of the gorge, before it was much wider.
Word Meganom (Greek — "big house") attached to the mountain and the Cape, though, in fact, a kind of mountain "Peninsula Peninsula" with several capes, valleys and wondrous diversity of coastal landscapes. Meganom located between Sudak and Koktebel. Its lighthouse, which closes the system east of the local bays, is visible from the New World. This corner of the peninsula Crimeans called "local Tunisia," and for good reason: Meganom — the warmest and sunniest place in the Crimea with clean sea and quite deserted beaches.

The coastline is a pile of rubble, boulders, among which one can see the small shingle beach. Slightly higher on the shore of a small plain covered with small trees. The vegetation here is only in appearance, dry and sparse, in fact there is growing almost the entire list of rare steppe grass and bushes.

In Soviet times Meganom were several military bases. It is said that in 1960, the military tested the water in Meganom nuclear bomb and thus presumed to UFO-contactee, stirred a higher power. In fact, the relationship with the military UFOs have always been strained. As reported at the UFO, one of the dishes brought down just above Meganom. Found only a fragment. He was supposedly from an unknown metal, which in front of astonished witnesses came … cold fusion. Chip immediately picked by the KGB. However, it is argued here, after dealing with some outlandish subject began to treat people touch.

It is known that conscripts are changed every six months, because the longer they could not be there. Nothing could explain the vast number of injuries and accidents. Soldiers are constantly frustrated with cliffs, broken limbs.
Believe that people in the Meganom do nothing — there is in fact a classic magnetic anomaly. Military, to our knowledge, have studied its effect on the guidance system. At one of the elevations is still functioning notorious center for rockets, one of which was shot down by Russian airliner "Siberia".

Famous Cape Meganom mysterious "rings" — ring-shaped yellowish stripes width of about 0.5 meters, clearly visible in the grass with a bird's eye view. From time to time, these rings suddenly fade and then inside the zone can not be — people and animals feel severe malaise.
Not long ago, the cape was a restricted area, but after the collapse of the USSR was a free access here. Today is a rest here invite several hostels. The water here is very clean and clear throughout the peninsula. In a sea full of fish, mussels, crabs, Rapanu. To see this beauty, we need a mask and flippers. It is here on the Cape Meganom competition usually held in spearfishing. Here, hold their training different company from yoga, parapsychologists, ufologists, and religious organizations.

The Crimean peninsula — is a trove for researchers. His miracles I have heard many times. At least Cape Fiolent in Sevastopol — a place where the monastery of St. George. Before the revolution, there was a certain world wonder. Pass in places Tsar Nicholas the Second towards the withdrawal of three elders, who is presumed dead 300 years ago. Their appearance is confirmed not only by written evidence, and daguerreotype images of the elders. Before they bowed and left, they had time to take pictures.

Then, in Soviet times in the place built the base of nuclear submarines.
Or take the catacombs near Balaklava Crimea, Evpatoria or near Kerch. They are so large that they can be used to drive a big car. In the early 90's in the Kerch catacombs hidden Crimean group of bandits, who a few years could not smoke there. Bandyugany traveled by jeep, robbing tourists, take the money and expensive cars. Those who resisted were killed and over again hiding in the catacombs.
But the catacombs — man-made wonder. They were created thousands of years. From there they took a stone in the days Pantikapeum, under King Mithridates. And continues to take. Shell missing.
Another man-made celebrity Crimea — mountain towns. Several of them: Eski-Kerman, Calais, Mangup, monasteries Inkerman.

But back to the Cape Meganom. He also had another secret. Many very impressionable tourists visiting this cape, say they see a ghost ship, wandering alone on the sea surface. Although ghosts are really deep. Think about the kingdom of Hades. They say that Cape Meganom Odysseus met the one-eyed Cyclops, and through underground caves Karadag are viewed at low tide the sea, descended into Hades is the most … because, probably, and are afraid to go local here: that ghost "meganomskogo boy" imagining them which attracts the traveler along, dragging the black waters of the sea, the bleating lamb will see on the edge of the steep slope. By the way, there is a belief that if you catch the lamb to sacrifice him and sit on the ground Meganom on his skin, the body becomes weightless and grace is poured out on him again. Such a man, after a long penance, purification can become skilled healer. However, there are some disadvantages: each is a "vision", according to local ends for man's death. But divers have nothing to fear. They say that in these places more than once observed traces of wheels infernal machines directly under water. Say, underwater civilization as ghosts, did not awake.

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