NATO is getting closer to Russia’s borders

NATO is getting closer to Russia's borders
North Atlantic Union is close to the borders of the Russian Federation is selected. On the basis of in Deveselu southern Romania on Mon started work on a missile complex, which will be part of the United States posed by NATO and European defense. It is believed that the complex defense system in Romania will absolutely put into operation in 2015. At the official launch deploy a missile defense system was U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary for Political Affairs James Miller, the Romanian administration, as a number of high-ranking representatives of the Allies.

According to Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania Bogdan Aurescu complex defense system in Deveselu — «is an integral part of the strategy of the Romanian-American partnership in the field of security.» Missile complex in Deveselu become not only the contribution of Romania in Euro aaplet Phased Adaptive Approach (EPA & P) U.S. missile defense, and the element of NATO missile defense system. On the basis of a plan to locate the South American Deveselu multipurpose anti-missile Aegis («Aegis»), that are equipped with interceptor missiles Standard missile 3 (SM-3) to intercept ballistic missiles. The object will be resettled by radar stations, its staff will be about 200 people. Disk imaging on the South American Embassy in Bucharest, the price of the complex is estimated at 134 million U.S. dollars. Recently Romanian spetsy conduct work for the conversion of the former base of the Air Force, and then Americans will start to install anti-missile system and radar.

It is clear that the placement of pieces of missile defense in Eastern Europe is a stumbling block in relations with Moscow. Thus, the Romanian Defense Minister Mircea Soul said base construction begins despite the lack of understanding on the issue with Russia. Moscow is not the first year trying to achieve clear answer about the need to build missile defense systems. But to this day, all flimsy excuses limited on missile threat from the Near East. And U.S. defected from discussion to the case. At the same time, Washington and Brussels continue to persuade Moscow to European missile defense is not directed against the Russian Federation.
On the days of this affected the problem of head of the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. The minister said that Moscow is ready for a constructive dialogue with the United States, and with the Alliance is open to find a compromise solution, but «pretend constant debate about what it’s not against Russia, we will not.» October 23, 2013 at the headquarters of the Alliance held a meeting of the Board of Our homeland — (NRC). As during other meetings and conferences, Moscow vigorously protested against the construction of parts of the missile defense area of ​​Poland and Romania and promotion infrastructure NATO to the borders of Russia. But to achieve any progress on this dilemma failed. NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said that the Union and Our homeland have not agreed on any parameters probable missile defense cooperation. But both sides agreed that «further consultations — is the way forward.» Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has got an old record about the need for «solid legal guarantees» that the South American missile defense will not be directed against the nuclear forces of Russia. While everyone saying that Washington and Brussels can give a small car and wagon various promises and assurances about their own «peaceful» intentions, but it will not change the situation. Missile defense system in Europe is aimed against the only possible danger — nuclear deterrent of. Everything else — trepotnya empty.

U.S. evenly, but still correct policy of the Russian Federation encasing their bases. Start of construction bases in Romania was initiated in December 2011, when Washington and Bucharest signed an agreement on defense against ballistic missiles. The treaty creates a database in Romania with SAM South American multipurpose Aegis. Anti-missile system resettled interceptor missiles SM-3, which are capable of intercepting intercontinental ballistic missiles and medium-range missiles. Creating a missile defense base in Romania is part of the Euro Phased Adaptive Approach (EPA & P) of U.S. missile. As part of EPA & P planned to make the European missile defense system in four steps: the first step to arrange four American missile destroyer in the Mediterranean and the radar on the ground in Turkey; the second — to expand the South American multi-purpose anti-aircraft Aegis missile system in Romania; on the 3rd — 2018 to deploy missile defenses in Poland; the fourth — 2020 rearm all the complexes more advanced interceptor missiles SM-3 Block II with increased combat abilities, antimissile must have a larger radius and more than acts highest speed.

In 2012, at the summit of the North Atlantic contract in Chicago was made a statement on the launch of the European missile defense system step. Almost immediately, Washington said the abolition of the fourth step deploy a missile defense system in Europe and maintaining plans to deploy parts of the missile shield in Poland and Romania. In Moscow interpreted this statement as a threat to its nuclear forces and opposed the missile defense system even with the failure of Washington’s fourth step.

According to NATO disk imaging, system state is a U.S. missile defense system from the high of early warning radars, satellite tracking and SAM missile interceptor marine and land-based. Missile designed for the destruction of warheads of ballistic missiles of small, medium and intercontinental act. In areas of the USA-based missiles are made in Alaska, California and decided to develop the third district on the Atlantic coast. Marine component missile cruisers and destroyers are defense, they are deployed in the main zone of the Pacific Ocean. In the coming years it is planned to strengthen the naval group in the Atlantic Ocean. Besides Washington creates a regional missile defense system in Asia, together with Japan and South Korea. Missile defense is to protect the United States, as NATO allies and forward bases from missile attack power limited. Midst of hazards called Syria, Iran and North Korea.

But the fact of placing pieces of U.S. missile defense in Eastern Europe on the ground exactly an anti-Russian states of these bases. Syria, Iran and North Korea does not threaten Europe. The creation of a regional missile defense system in Asia, along with Japan and South Korea apparently targeted not only against North Korea, and China and Russia. Washington has openly cobble together a block of Tokyo and Seoul. Since October 28, it was reported that Seoul gave in to pressure from Washington and almost agreed to implement a Japanese Self-Defense Forces of the right to collective defense outside the Land of the Rising Sun area. In addition, the Korean media said that Seoul succumbed to the entreaties of Washington’s global missile defense. So, there is a great possibility to buy South Korea’s missile Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) manufactured by «Lockheed Martin». This will allow Seoul to make two-tier missile defense: distant missile THAAD, which have a height of up to 150 km interception, range up to 200 km and near a «Patriot» PAC-3. Immediately Seoul can equip their warships SM-3 interceptor missiles. As a result, South Korea will on land and at sea system that absolutely coincides with the U.S. missile defense system. Washington has not once gave realize Seoul that would wish South Korea followed suit land of the rising sun, and joined the U.S. global missile defense system. Experts note that although Seoul officially denies role in the development of the South Korean defense of the United States do so in order not to anger China, which can optionally deliver Korea many wraith. In fact, South Korea, creating a national missile defense system, in fact forms the its defense per se, which can simply be integrated into the South American global missile defense system.

Rf time to reply

First you need to clean house in the mind chatter complete «cooperation for European missile defense,» the development of the EU with a single missile defense; ability of the joint operation of missile defense (at one time there was a discussion about the ability of the joint operation of the Gabala radar station); «Not directed»; «Legal guarantees», etc. Of course, no common missile defense system with a possible adversary can not be done in principle. U.S. will not give any guarantees, but if something is promised, then with a light heart here and «throw» (when the political scene swap).

All such discussions and negotiations only disgrace Russia, rumors about her helplessness and worthlessness of its Governors. No good result in the negotiations with the enemy to achieve unreal! We can recall the main milestones of the negotiation process, which was launched in the USSR and led to almost complete surrender to the state interests of Russia. Contract of Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) May 26, 1972 was a strategic mistake. This became clear when the U.S. even during his deeds began work on the creation of the state defense system, verbally underlining his commitment to the ABM Treaty. When the United States have already done significant work on missile defense, they are one-sided in 2001 out of order Contract.

In 1985, the Soviet Union, which began «perestroika» bacchanalia lopsided announced a moratorium on nuclear testing. For what? The result — lasting damage. Contract on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and the lowest range Nuclear Forces (INF) on December 8, 1987 was almost a betrayal of the public interest of the USSR — Russia. The main culprit — Mikhail Gorbachev. Missiles and medium-range there armed with virtually all regional powers. In addition, these missiles could be a response to U.S. military bases on our borders. Contract on ordinary Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) Treaty of November 19, 1990 — another act of betrayal of public interest on the part of Gorbachev and his team of «perestroika-destroyers.» More foolish and treacherous contract, limiting the defensive capabilities of the Russian Federation on the same private area, it will be difficult to come up with.

Treaty on the Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms: START-1 from July 30-31, 1991, START-II — January 1993, START-III — April 8, 2010. All agreements were more profitable U.S. than of, because they ignored the United States an advantage in the ordinary, including high-precision weapons, saved from the Yankees so-called. «Breakout potential» is not limited nuclear potential of other powers, etc.

What to do? Return to national sovereignty in defense of the Russian Federation! This means a complete rejection of chatter on defense. Need to develop a national missile defense and aerospace defense system as a breakthrough ABM possible enemies. Cut all unprofitable, unequal START agreement, finish them any negotiations. We need to develop real nuclear deterrent force. In the one-sided order to get out of the treacherous Contract on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and lower. In a very rather short time to return the creation of these systems. This is a very fundamental decision. On the doorstep — a global war. Intermediate-and lower-range needs of national security of the Russian Federation.

In the upcoming need to complete consultations and negotiations with our potential enemies on even how disarmament is — deceit. Believe in «peaceful intentions» owners of the West, which in the last century have washed blood planetoid 10’s of millions of people — it’s either up idiocy or blatant betrayal. Moscow should do only what provides deep interests of Russian civilization and its peoples. If you want peace — prepare for war, everything else — from the treacherous!
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