Navy Commander Vladimir Shamanov experienced BMD-4M

 Fighting vehicle, which protects the crew and landing, swim, to fire on the move with pinpoint accuracy — all upgraded BMD-4. Engineers and Kurgan Machine-Building Plant brought this unique technique to perfection.

The day before, on February 6, Barrow visited the commander of the airborne troops of Russia, Colonel-General Vladimir Shamanov. He traveled and experienced Kurganmashzavod modernized combat vehicle BMD4-M in action. What is the impression left by a visit from the Commander in Chief of the largest defense company, and what plans are in the Ministry of Defence at the expense of the Kurgan.

A visit to the CMH Shamanov started from the welding plant, where at the moment, despite the lack of defense contracts, has made housing for future car landing BMD4-M and armored personnel carriers "Shell". Accompanied by the commander Senior Vice President Concern "Tractor plants" Albert tanks, head of the military equipment group Michael Levshunov and CEO of "Kurgan" Igor Giske. First of all, Colonel-General asked them whether they can perform the state defense order, because in the plans of the Ministry of Defence in this year's purchase BMD4-10 and M 10 armored personnel carriers "Shell". And this is just the beginning. According Shamanova, the plant has great potential: the army will be procured hundreds of combat vehicles, which means you need to open thousands of jobs.

"You have a very bright future. This year we have 20 cars in the next year BMD4 43-M and 30 "Shells" buy it. Do you understand that? You already need to think about how you do the order. Look for a place in the 80 cars. It will be right. People had to be moved to other plants. Get ready, "- said in a conversation with the administration Shamans.

Head of the Department of Military Equipment Group Michael Levshunov said that the plant will cope with this task, but in order to increase production, to allow people need complete confidence in the plans of the Ministry of Defence. According Levshunova such guarantees could come under the state defense order contract for three years. Shamanov said that all these issues will be discussed, but the most important thing — a political decision, and finally begin implementation of a program for upgrading Navy.

"In 2005, has developed a comprehensive program of modernization of air assault forces. It was approved by the Deputy Minister and upgrading, and the Chief of the General Staff, but four years ago, for unknown reasons, went to "slip." And in the last two years, all funding was cut defense contracts, despite the fact that the program has been approved by the president. And this caused most puzzling me, as the commander. The main challenge ahead of tomorrow's meeting with the Deputy Minister of Defence, and the day after the chief of staff — to find out the industrial power plant, you understand the company's management and holding company perspective, as it is all provided production facilities, which state the design capacity and, most importantly, discuss what — and what will be touched on skills development.

From individual samples should move to a hundred. The so-called "minimum program" — a 1200 BMD-4 and 800-900 "Shells". Real shells will be more. It is necessary to link it all "- said Commander Navy.

"Command of the Navy never idealized BMD-4, we said that the car has a lot of potential, but it should be finished and the process of modernization has gone. He went in two ways: the first — with the unification of the BMP-3, and it is they have today is standardized according to the director of the plant by 80%, but this should be confirmed. But the fact that she is more than 50% is unified, that's good. Second — there was a question about the security of the crew. It was further fired at Kubinka, and indeed identified a number of weaknesses that they have eliminated. There is an additional protection, there were different approaches to the production of welding in the most difficult places. And in the end machine today to enter a new stage of state tests. By the end of the year BMD4-M we take for the army, "- said the Shaman.

Shop the finished product particularly impressed Shamanov, there have been presented, the famous BMP-3, new housing prototypes, as well as ready-made machine BMD4-M. Showed the commander in chief and a new high-tech equipment, as well as civilian production plant. Shamanov said that he was struck by a big production capacity of the enterprise, as well as the design office.

"There is simply equal" Kurganmashzavod "systemic production of large quantities of vehicles for the armed forces of Russia and abroad. I am optimistic about our close cooperation, and we will do our best to produce products, "- said the colonel-general.

According Shamanova, "working with Barrow" it's always nice to guide the plant quite a few people from the Navy and they "speak the same language", knowing each other, which, for example, is not with colleagues from Tula. Said Colonel-General and transparent pricing Kurganmashzavod, in contrast, again, from Tula.

After inspecting the CMH Shamanov rode the factory site, where the person got behind the wheel BMD4-M. About half an hour warlord performed a variety of maneuvers and experienced quality running machine, and then shared his impressions of the new technology.

"The car is just great, just class! As commander of the battalion, I was a master of driving military vehicles, went to the BMD-1, BMD-2. This machine is at times better in quality. First of all, more stable suspension, which is important when large potholes, and BMD-1, BMD-2 is always left in response, it was difficult to catch the amplitude of the vibrations, and keeps this machine. Second, it is very stable in the corners. And the third — a very simple control system at the helm, very reliable. I really liked the car, "- said the Shaman.

Vladimir Shamanov thanked the Concern "Tractor plants" for the work and expressed confidence that in the near future will address the issue with the state defense order and established a further close cooperation.

It should be noted, an engineering-oriented industrial group Concern "Tractor plants" has invested about 200 million rubles of its own funds in the development of a modernized BMD-4. Work was carried out in enterprises of the holding — in the Special Design Bureau of Machine Building and Kurgan Machine Building Plant. BMD4-M — fighting machine, which is an upgraded version of the BMD-4, which differs from her new body, engine, chassis and other nodes. The machine is equipped with a weapon station "Bakhcha-U", developed at the Tula State Unitary Enterprise "Instrument Design Bureau".


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