Nazis and UFOs

That the Germans were able to best guess the riddle. Nowadays, few people know about the development of the Third Reich regarding UFOs, but this does not reduce the amount of your questions. What achievements Germans in this matter? Some sources report a UFO crash near the city of Freiburg in 1936. It is believed that after its discovery, the German scientists with the SS not only repaired it, but also experienced the motor and power installation of this device.

But all attempts to run it on the ground were unsuccessful. This explains that the flying machine was only one copy. The directors of the project were members of the occult community as "Vril", "Tula" and "Ahnenerbe."

For five years in the Antarctic German scientists have created a secret facility, code-named "Base 211", information about which tried every possible way to hide. For the period of the war in Germany for nine scientific enterprises worked on testing of "flying saucers." Some scientists believe that after the collapse of the Reich is one of the scientific enterprise was taken to Antarctica.

Scholars such as V. Terzijski, R. Vesco, D. Childress argue that, since 1942, went to the South Pole is not only prisoners of concentration camps, but also politicians, scientists, pilots and their families. In addition, the researchers suggest that in our time the German base in Antarctica exists. Many argue that there is even a subterranean city with two million inhabitants, which is called the "New Berlin".

The entire population of the city is engaged in space research and genetic engineering. Many associate frequent UFO sightings in the area of the South Pole is the existence of the underground German city. It is here that we often see in the air, "cigar" or "flying saucers." Incredibly, in 1976, Japanese scientists detected immediately nineteen "flying saucers" that flew in the direction of Antarctica, and then they disappear under the radar.

I wonder, too, that at the Earth's orbit were several satellites, officially belonging to nobody.

In Central America in 1927, an English traveler and archaeologist Albert Mitchell-Heydzhes in the excavations of the ancient Maya city located on the Yucatan Peninsula, found a "crystal" skull.

During excavations were burned 33 hectares of tropical forest, and after dispersal of smoke, researchers saw an extraordinary sight: the ruins of the city walls and pyramids, as well as a huge amphitheater Lubaantun. Here and were found "Crystal Skull", which became the most mysterious discovery of the twentieth century.
These skulls paraded in one of Brazil's museums. From there, in 1943, and they were trying to steal the members of the "Ahnenerbe." During interrogation, they said they carried out the decree steal "crystal" skull "Goddess of Death." After that, the police detained Brazil are several other groups that attempt to steal a mysterious skull.

Later, it was revealed that the group received instructions from Villiguta — carrier "knowledge devil." Most of all, he was interested in the magic of the priests of Atlantis. Thus, the Nazis wanted to create a "superman" and subdue all the world's population.

Many modern scholars argue that the magic skulls were made inside the Atlantis, and survived by a miracle. This explains the interest in them Nazis.

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