News chipizatsii: Odnotsentovy chip will change the world

Cheap electronic device that can print millions of pieces, can change the way you interact with everyday objects.

Odnotsentovy chip will change the world

A device called a rectenna (antenna with built-in rectifier) was created by specialists of the National University and Sunchon couple. At a price of one cent per share, such devices can be placed on any subjects: food packaging, clothing, logos, signs, magazines, etc.

The device is a combination antenna and rectifier, ie sends and receives data and can convert AC to DC.

Rectenna can be printed on a plastic film using 5 different electronic ink. Rectenna can directly convert radio waves into an electrical voltage, in particular, the new antenna can provide at least 0.3 Tues

The new devices will allow people to directly "talk" with the surrounding objects, referring to them by, for example, a smartphone. In this way you can learn all about the origin of the goods, the restaurant menu or content of the publication.

The new technology is very similar to the QR-code, allowing users to take a picture of a bar code square, using the smartphone. The difference is that the device also small chip, which itself may contain digital information. In this rectenna is cheap and does not require a separate power supply. New devices can be manufactured using environmentally friendly printing, and in large quantities. Thus, in the near future, most familiar things and goods through rectenna receive many additional features.

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