Nikolaev lightning chosen power line

As promised forecasters, thunderstorms late last week and otsverkali died down, but not all areas of the city. And in some places they have created in the electrical emergencies.
So, on Saturday, August 13, at 11.55 light disappeared in parts of houses Varvarovka: on the street. Hodchenkova, and key in the village Vesnyanoe.
As reported by the service quick response from Varvarovskogo RES failure occurs on the transmission line due to lightning.
Around 12.30 power was restored.

And at about 16:30 the same day, when the storm "came" on the other side of the city, a similar incident occurred in the area of Ship: Disabled 12 substations, and almost all Balabanovka felt it myself.
The reason was that the zipper broke the high voltage cable is 6 kV, the supply of these substations.
This time for the liquidation of the accident took much longer: it coped with only 4 hours of Sunday morning.

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